As we hurtle towards February 14th, we can’t help but notice everything’s getting a bit pinker and bit more soft and fluffy, a bit more heart shaped. Even Japan Centre! What gives? Valentine’s Day is a popular event in Japan and even though it originated in the West, Japan has some special customs to celebrate the day! So whether you’re looking to get loved up Japanese style or say ‘bah humbug!’ to Valentine’s but want to learn something new, join as we take a stroll down romance lane to discover how Japan says ‘I love you’ on Valentine’s day!

Valentine’s Day is one of the many days of the year where you can get into some serious trouble with your other half if you don’t put some effort in to spend a relaxing and romantic evening together!
Why don’t you let Toku Restaurant take the weight off your shoulders and help you plan a perfect evening! We have a special 7 course ‘Gozen’ Valentine’s Day menu just for you which is full of amazingly elegant, delicious and healthy Japanese food such as sushi, sashimi, tempura, beef tataki, a Japanese dessert and and a sake or plum wine aperitif. Did you know that in Japan, they say that octopus sashimi is quite the aphrodisiac too! 🙂