If you ask a Japanese person what best represents summer for them, along with cicadas, summer matsuri (festivals) and yutaka,  ramune is sure to get a mention! Ramune is an incredibly iconic soft drink, but it’s not the only one. We recently added loads of cool new drinks to Japan Centre, so take a look at all the new flavours!

Dashi is a very commonly used ingredient in Japanese cooking. But what is it and why is it so popular?


Always find yourself trudging back from the shops with heavy bags of rice? Forget to buy rice in the first place? We’ve all been there, I’m sure. Well, worry no more – Japancentre.com has launched a new service aimed at taking the stress away from the monthly trip to the shops for U.K. mainland customers.

The idea is to order a 6-month subscription to a bag of rice, and we’ll take care of the work and send you your rice at the same time every month! Plus, by participating, you’ll save on a whole bag of rice! Couldn’t be better, right? Wrong! We’ll throw in FREE SHIPPING as well which means that altogether, you are going to save more than £50!

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Phew, it’s been a long time coming, but we are finally able to show you the huge facelift we have given our website to make shopping for authentic Japanese food easier than ever! We got so excited, we even updated our blog to make it easier for you to read up on Japan Centre news, fun competitions and articles about delicious Japanese food!