After one too many pigs-in-blankets, a near-empty Quality Street tin down (apart from the orange creams, we’re not mad) and Baileys running through our veins it’s time to take off the gluttony glasses and kick start 2013 with a healthy-eating plan you can easily stick to and tastes amazing. Impossible we hear you cry! No no no, there’s a reason Japan has the lowest obesity rate and the longest life expectancy in the world and in the coming weeks we’ll share Japan’s diet secrets with you.


Seaweed can come in many forms and are particularly popular as a food source in coastal countries such as Japan, where seaweed has been eaten for thousands of years. Wakame, konbu, nori… there are many different types of Japanese seaweed that are delicious and healthy, but what are the differences and which ones should you use when cooking Japanese food! Japan Centre has the answers… read on for more details.