Are you intrigued by the elegance of traditional Japanese sake rice wine? Perhaps the tantalizing packaging and exotic names have sucked you in to the grasp of the sake goddesses, forever to hold you a slave to the delicate, but robust flavour sensations? Or maybe you just had some sake from Japan Centre before and like the taste?
Whatever the reason, sake is becoming a hugely popular drink all over the world, whether it is drunk warm in a traditional Japanese sake cup, or mixed with orange juice to make a modern take on the screwdriver cocktail – the sakedriver!


If you have always wanted to experience the smooth and complex tastes of traditional Japanese Sake, then why not join us and do so for absolutely nothing at our FREE sake tasting event.

We have a rather special sake available for tasting this time called Umenoyado Yuzu Sake. This sake is from Nara and is infused with the Japanese yuzu fruit, a citrus fruit similar to orange and lemon which gives it refreshing, sharp and slightly sweet taste.

Ok, ok, so you just want the details about the event!

WHEN: Friday 17th December
WHERE: Japan Centre Regent Street Shop


If you’ve always wanted to try rice wine, but never had the guts – now’s your chance! This Sunday 27th Sept come to try two very special ones for free!

The first is Namacho Sake – an excellent semi-dry honjozo with aromas of rice and yeast. It has a fresh, light flavour with a hint of creaminess as it has only been pasteurised once. It is recommended with crisp salads, tempura or deep-fried dishes and is best serve chilled.