If you ask a Japanese person what best represents summer for them, along with cicadas, summer matsuri (festivals) and yutaka,  ramune is sure to get a mention! Ramune is an incredibly iconic soft drink, but it’s not the only one. We recently added loads of cool new drinks to Japan Centre, so take a look at all the new flavours!

Partly thanks to fierce competition between companies and partly thanks to Japan’s love of seasonal, regional or otherwise unusual food there are probably more weirdly flavoured Japanese snacks than it’s possible to eat in a lifetime.
Of course most of these are just fun unusual flavours, cheesecake flavoured KitKats, watermelon flavoured Pepsi or even savoury sour plum flavoured pretzels. The kind of thing that brightens your day while you’re doing the shopping. Some however, some just make you stare. You take a moment, look at the snack again, but nope someone really did decide to make Sapporo Beer Flavoured Caramel.
Join us on a trip down the Top 5: Strange Japanese Snack Flavours, climbing the heights of Japan’s oddest, weirdest… and even most delicious confectionery and treats.