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We love doing our Christmas shopping online, but it does mean that we can’t leave it until Christmas Eve to do it all! If you want guaranteed delivery before Christmas from Japan Centre Online there are a few dates to be aware of to make sure you receive your order in time. Please be aware these dates are also for guaranteed delivery before New Year.

toku olympic menu

You don’t just have to cheer on Tom Daley from your sofa, or join in a Mexican wave at the Opening Ceremony to take part in The Games this year. To honour a wonderful summer of celebrations Toku Restaurant (perfectly positioned for the Cycling and Marathon events according to Waitrose) has announced its special Olympiad Medal Winner’s Menu.

Helping you save money and enjoy this amazing sporting event, the Medal Winner’s Menu will leave you enough spare cash to buy that extra union jack flag or much-needed fold-away bike to escape the inevitable commuter crush!

Spring always heralds the start of something new, at Japan Centre we’ve been bitten by the spring bug and have what can only be described as a taste explosion under way! During March both Toku Restaurant and umai deli have introduced some awesome new dishes for you to grab on the go during your lunchbreak, or enjoy as you relax with friends and family in the afternoon and evening. Read on for more…
Valentine’s Day is one of the many days of the year where you can get into some serious trouble with your other half if you don’t put some effort in to spend a relaxing and romantic evening together!
Why don’t you let Toku Restaurant take the weight off your shoulders and help you plan a perfect evening! We have a special 7 course ‘Gozen’ Valentine’s Day menu just for you which is full of amazingly elegant, delicious and healthy Japanese food such as sushi, sashimi, tempura, beef tataki, a Japanese dessert and and a sake or plum wine aperitif. Did you know that in Japan, they say that octopus sashimi is quite the aphrodisiac too! 🙂