Japan is a land of unorthodox teachers, strange floating babies and Ronald McDonald’s extended family….. or so you may be forgiven for thinking after watching this batch of Japan Centre’s favourite Japanese TV commercials. We’ve trawled Youtube and compiled with what we think are our 5 favourite commercials or commercial series of recent times. Prepare to be amused, enchanted or maybe even a little bit frightened!
With Tanabata just around the corner on 7th July, Japanese towns everywhere are about to burst into life to celebrate. Here at Japan Centre we wish we could be in Japan, strolling around the local Tanabata Festival in our light and airy yutaka, writing wishes on tanzaku and sampling some sumptuous festival food that the Japanese do oh so well. But, alas, we are stuck here! So we’re going to do the next best thing and cook up some of our own wonderful Japanese yatai stall-inspired festival street food.
The Japanese KitKat is a wonderful and marvellous thing. Known throughout the world for their unusual and sheer range of flavours, these little chocolate biscuit beauties are now available exclusively online at Japancentre.com! With 4 flavours to choose from, Japan Centre knows that there are few harder decisions in life than which to try, so we’re going to give you a little helping hand in your decision-making and provide you with an in-depth flavour analysis comparison for KitKat connoisseurs everywhere!
It’s that time again; long weekends, parties on the streets and much merriment in the name of a woman that most of us have never even met! This June sees the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of England and all of  its realms and marks the incredible 60 year milestone of her sovereignty. And we aren’t the only nation to go crazy over our monarchs, in fact Japan celebrates their Emperor’s birthday every year on December 21st, where people crowd around the Japanese Imperial Palace hoping to catch a glimpse of the man himself giving a cheery little wave. We love both rulers at Japan Centre but were beginning to wonder if we had to choose, which one do we prefer? Who is more badass? Which one do we think would win in a fight?

To many people Japan Centre is the busy food shop and Japanese deli counter in the centre of  Piccadilly Circus, but to the Online Team our home is a bustling warehouse in North Acton. It’s here we update our website, prepare and send out all of the online orders we receive, as well as bake the delicious Japanese bread for the bakery and deliver products to our stores. It’s also where we taste test. Taste testing is a lengthy but (as you can imagine) enjoyable job, so we thought we’d let you guys have a little look at how we bring the best of Japan to you.
Ahh I remember my student days fondly. Lots of parties, lots of drinking and lots of sleeping. Unfortunately though, not a lot of money. This is why Japan Centre is here to help and support you! We know how daunting it can be thinking about how much you have left to spend on proper food instead of that 8p pack of instant noodles or yet another week’s worth of pasta… so we’ve introduced a student discount!
I remember being slightly disappointed when I first arrived in Japan and thinking “Huh, you mean Japanese people don’t eat sushi every day?” Of course I realised after that it would be the same as thinking British people only ever eat fish and chips and scones every day! Despite sushi being one of my main reasons for being interested in Japan, it took another week or two after arriving before I even had a chance to eat some. The reason was because Japanese cuisine is so much more than just raw fish… there is a huge variety of amazing Japanese food, including some of the world’s most super gourmet foods.
Continuing on from our Top 5: Weirdest Japanese Food, follow Japan Centre as we check out our Top 5: Super Gourmet Japanese Food.