New Year will be soon upon us again and that means it’s time for some traditional Japanese celebrations! New Year, called Shōgatsu in Japanese is one of the most important festivals of the year with plenty of tasty food and drink, as well as a fantastic variety of interesting customs.
If you want to experience some of the fun that happens during the Japanese New Year celebrations, why not join us at Japan Centre and get involved. There’s free samples to be had to make it even more tempting! 🙂
There are loads of classic Japanese food items that you always see popping up in anime, manga and Japanese films. Some of these items such as Pocky and Ramune are so ingrained into Japanese pop culture that they are instantly recognisable by everyone. Oh, and they all taste pretty good too! 🙂
At Japan Centre, we created a special Japanese foot set containing some of our most popular and famous Japanese snacks. This week, we have one of these sets to give away to a lucky winner. Read on for the full details!
The Christmas and New Year Rush Begins!
We love doing our Christmas shopping online, but it does mean that we can’t leave it until Christmas Eve to do it all! 🙂 If you want guaranteed delivery before Christmas from Japan Centre Online there are a few dates to be aware of to make sure that you will receive your order in time for the big day. Please be aware these dates are also for guaranteed delivery before New Year.
Keep Your Candy Safe From Prying Eyes & Itchy Fingers!
Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding and has been a popular hobby and art form for centuries. The complexities of some designs that are made from just a single sheet of square paper are absolutely mind bending, not to mention beautifully elegant. If you are interested in origami and want to try making some yourself, read our Japan Centre guide to making a very cute box, perfect for a small gift or to keep your precious snacks and candy safe!
Phew, it’s been a long time coming, but we are finally able to show you the huge facelift we have given our website to make shopping for authentic Japanese food easier than ever! We got so excited, we even updated our blog to make it easier for you to read up on Japan Centre news, fun competitions and articles about delicious Japanese food!
As Mr Miyagi said himself “Man who catch fly with chopstick accomplish anything”!
Chopsticks are more than just eating utensils in Japan. They are an extension of your fingers and require skill and dexterity to master. It’s no wonder then that a Japanese person will likely shower you with praise when you are able to use them gracefully and most importantly, successfully!
Read on for our Japan Centre guide to chopsticks, and maybe you will find the answer to Mr Miyagi’s biggest problem… just how do you catch a fly with a pair of wooden sticks?

Are you struggling to find unique gifts for your family and friends this Christmas? Worried that soon you might have to start resorting to socks and undies? Get yourself over to the Japan Centre website this festive season to find awesome Japanese themed gift ideas. From gift sets of popular Japanese sweets and snacks for the young ones to fine bottles of authentic Japanese sake for the more mature,  we have something for everyone.