5 Creative Ways to Enjoy Pocky This Valentine’s Day

Creative Ways to Enjoy Pocky

Love Pocky? You’re not the only one!

Starting out as a simple, tasty biscuit stick coated in milk chocolate, the Pocky range has now grown into a beautiful rainbow of Pocky varieties: Pocky Chocolate, Pocky Strawberry, Pocky Almond, Pocky Matcha. The Pocky list goes on and on!

Thanks to Glico, there is a whole forest of inventive Pocky biscuit sticks for you to enjoy. But, why leave all the creativity to Glico? Perfect for Valentine’s Day, here are 5 creative ways to enjoy Pocky with your partner.

1) Testing Your Pocky Palette

The endless varieties of Glico Pocky gives you and your valentine the perfect opportunity to put your palettes to the test! Taste different Pocky and see if you can figure out which flavour is which. You’ll need to close your eyes (the matcha green and banana yellow cream are a big giveaway).

2) Play With Your Food. The “Pocky Game”

A great way to set sparks flying with your valentine is with the Pocky Game.

To play, you and your valentine should bite into each end of a Pocky stick. Then, munch your way through. The first to reach the middle wins!

3) Topping Off Desserts With Pocky

Especially around Valentine’s Day, adding a little finesse to your homemade desserts makes all the difference. It separates the Pocky of the world (Pockies? Pockys? Pocki?) from all the lesser known biscuit sticks.

Kim Joy Matcha Buttercream Pocky Cake

Delicious (and incredibly instagramable), what better way to top off desserts than with a few Pocky? Take Kim-Joy’s (Great British Bake Off finalist) amazing Buttercream and Matcha cake, for example. Decorated with Japanese treats provided by Japan Centre, including Pocky and our Totoro Custard Cream Bread.

For something a little simpler, try our Pocky and Matcha Parfait recipe. Looks great, doesn’t it?

Pocky Matcha Parfait

4) Chocolate Fondue Pocky Skewers

And while we’re on the topic of desserts, let’s talk about chocolate fondue with Pocky skewers. If there’s one thing more romantic than a chocolate fondue, it’s a chocolate fondue with edible Pocky skewers. Whether you’re dipping marshmallows, strawberries or bananas, a Pocky stick is sure to be a match made in heaven.

Now you can enjoy your fondue with no messy skewers left behind!

5) The Normal Way to Eat Pocky

At this point, we’ve taste-tested Pocky, played with Pocky and even added Pocky to desserts. So, before we take it too far and suggest building a house out of Pocky, we’ll leave you with the simplest way to enjoy this versatle Japanese treat.

Grab a pack of Pocky and enjoy! By all means, share with your valentine too. Any flavoured Pocky will do. You can shop from our wide range of Pocky online at japancentre.com or visit us in one of our stores!

Valentine's Day Pocky Picnic