Enjoy Freshly Milled Rice at Japan Centre

With over 70% of the Japanese population eating rice once a day and Japan sitting in the top 10 largest producers of rice globally, rice is a core part of the Japanese diet. Incorporated into a myriad of dishes, from sushi and onigiri to curry rice and donburi this seemingly humble grain is packed full of nutrients and is a staple part of a diet that’s recognised as one of the healthiest in the world. Japonica rice has a more glutinous texture than other types, making it perfect for picking up with chopsticks and moulding into sushi.


At Japan Centre we’re always looking for innovative ways to bring top quality Japanese food and ingredients to the UK and Europe, so we’re pleased to introduce our new range of freshly milled rice products. Available both online and in-store our Akitakomachi rice is milled in our own kitchens, and will bring both freshness and delicious aroma to your rice based meals.

The Science Bit: What is Rice Milling?

Rice is made up of four layers; the outer husk, a thin inner layer of bran, the white rice endosperm and the rice germ. Milling (or polishing) is the two-step process to remove some of these layers. The first stage is known as ‘de-husking’ to remove the outer, inedible layer of rice husk. The second stage involves applying friction to remove further layers.

Brown rice is milled to remove the husk only, brown germ rice is 2% milled to remove the husk and some of the bran while white rice is milled even further to remove the rice germ as well.

Why Choose Freshly Milled Rice?

Rice is always at its best when it’s just been freshly milled, and right up until the moment you order, our rice has the outer layer of bran intact. We mill the rice in our own kitchens which means the products that you’re receiving have a deliciously fresh taste and aroma that will make your cooking just that extra bit special!


Types of Rice

Brown Germ Rice (2% Milled)

Brown germ rice has been milled to remove the outer husk and some of the inner bran layer, leaving the rice germ, endosperm and some of the bran layer intact. It’s almost as nutrient dense as brown rice and is a rich source of fibre and iron, but with a ‘cleaner’ flavour.

Although white rice is the traditional and obvious choice for sushi making, due to its slightly sticky texture, there’s no reason why you can’t use brown germ rice instead.

Have a read of our easy to follow How to Cook Brown Rice guide to learn how to cook fragrant brown rice and transform it into sushi rice. Brown germ rice can also add a healthy dose of fibre to any Japanese rice based dish so have a browse through our extensive array of rice based recipes to find the perfect dish for any season or occasion.

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White Rice (7% Milled)

White rice has been milled to remove the husk, bran and germ, leaving just the carbohydrate rich endosperm, and although it has less nutritional value than brown germ rice it has a deliciously mild, clean flavour and is a great source of protein, carbohydrates and B vitamins.

White rice is the most widely used rice in Japan and its glutinous texture and pleasing aesthetics make it an excellent choice when preparing dishes such as sushi or onigiri. Summer is the perfect time to use white rice in light, healthy dishes such as this summer bento recipe or summer sushi.

Our How to Cook Japanese Rice and Sushi Rice guide will help you to hone your rice cooking skills and have you whipping up fluffy, soft rice in no time!

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Rice Bran

Once our organic brown rice has been milled, we seal the rice bran into bags to capture its freshness. Rice bran has been used in Japanese cooking for centuries but has recently started to gain popularity as a versatile ingredient in its own right. Its high fibre content does wonders for digestion and it’s also an excellent source of B Vitamins such as thiamine, niacin and B6, which help us convert food into fuel and keep us energised.

Rice bran works well in both sweet and savoury dishes and its rich nutritional content and versatility has caught the attention of health food enthusiasts, who enjoy incorporating it into smoothies, breads and biscuits. These Kome Nuka Rice Bran Biscuits are a tasty treat that also give you a healthy dose of fibre, or for a more traditional taste of Japanese cooking, have a go at fermenting your veggies in rice bran to create Nakazuke Rice Bran Pickles.

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Our freshly milled rice product range, which includes brown rice, white rice and rice bran is available both in store and online, so why not pop down to our Panton Street store or order on our website to have your rice delivered straight to your home, with same day despatch for maximum freshness.