Japanese Christmas gifts for kids

Japanese Christmas ideas for kids

Sprinkle a little Christmas cheer for the little ones this year by ensuring their stockings are filled with one or more of our exciting ‘gifts for kids.’

Japanese Christmas gifts always bring a sense of awe and wonder due to their creativity and uniqueness. We’ve selected some of the most in demand and special Christmas gifts to make your little one squeal with excitement on Christmas day.

Japanese Christmas ideas for kids

1. By nature, kids are curious and adventurous, so this will probably be the easiest gift you’ll have to shop for. The Pop Culture Snack Box has the quirkiest and most colourful selection of Japanese snacks. Best of all, it is delivered every month. So it’s a gift that will keep on giving. If you subscribe before 31 December using the code ‘POPBOX’ you can get your first box free. T&C’s apply.

2. Our stocking fillers category has a wide selection of gifts for kids, including confectionery, key chains, chopsticks, origami paper and more. You can find the perfect gift that’s not too hard on your pockets. You can even choose a few mini gifts and combine them for a wonderful surprise.

3. Training chopsticks are a fun and useful gift that any child will love. Complete with the action-packed Kung Fu Panda design, these chopsticks aim to help improve concentration and precision. A thoughtful gift that will be used time and time again.

4. A Daruma keychain with a bell is the perfect gift for kids. It can be attached to a phone, tablet or even a small bag. This ensures that wherever they go, your special gift will always be there. The Daruma is a Japanese symbol of strength and can be a much-needed gift for anyone about to tackle a challenge.

5. The lucky cat coin bank has been a part of Japanese culture for decades. To encourage saving and a responsible attitude in the New Year, this makes for a perfect gift. It has a painted red collar and golden bell with the Japanese symbol for ‘luck’ on it.

The festive season can only get better this year. Create long-lasting memories by doing something new and exciting!

Portobello Winter Festival

Visit Portobello Green for the Portobello Winter festival. With a grotto, live calypso, a Christmas choir, rum shack, children’s orchestra and stalls – there’s so much for you to discover.

Ice skating

Christmas is not just about the gifts you know, have some fun while ice skating outdoors at the Natural History Museum. Outdoor activities are great for bonding and creating lifelong memories. Kids like to do things that are new, exciting and fun. So whatever you choose, make sure to pick something that will brighten up their Christmas spirit.

Let us know how you’ll be celebrating Christmas this year in the comments below.