Japan Centre Fresh- Japanese meals made easy

Preparing Japanese meals in the comfort of your home is about to become a lot easier with the latest service from Japan Centre. Developed alongside a team of Japanese chefs, the new Japan Centre Fresh meal subscription service is designed for all types of food enthusiasts.

Our chefs

Japan Centre Fresh is also the UK’s first Japanese recipe box delivery service of fresh ingredients and step-by-step instructions on how to cook traditional and modern Japanese dishes. Recipes are delivered to your doorstep every two weeks. Our team of passionate and experienced Japanese chefs Atsuko Ikeda and Mizue Kanazawa will create new, exciting and exclusive recipes for you to prepare at home.

Atsuko Ikeda chef
Japan Centre Fresh chef Atsuko Ikeda

Atsuko is a celebrated Japanese chef, food photographer, author and cookery school teacher from Kyushu, the southern island of Japan. She has decades of professional experience preparing delicious washoku meals.

Mizue Kanazawa
Japan Centre Fresh chef Mizue Kanazawa

Mizue is a cookery teacher, caterer and successful YouTube chef with over 108,000 combined views hailing from Nara Prefecture, just outside of Osaka. Both of these chefs bring with them a world of experience and a refreshing approach to washoku cuisine.

Our recipes

Each recipe aims to not only introduce you to washoku cuisine but a more rewarding and enjoyable way of cooking it. The ingredients and recipe cards are then perfectly packaged and delivered to you, thanks to our reliable couriers. All you then have to do is follow our simple step by step instructions and enjoy the process.

Some of our more popular recipes include:

Nasu dengaku miso-glazed grilled aubergine with ponzu citrus salsa topped tofu and ginger rice. Experiment with a variety of recipes from our Tofu Box, like this one. This Nasu dengaku is a classic Japanese dish made by grilling aubergines that are covered in a savoury/sweet miso-based glaze.

Nasu dengaku

Chicken teriyaki, edamame rice, and aubergine miso soup. This recipe is from our larger sized Family Box. This recipe combines a delectable chicken teriyaki with edamame rice (Japanese rice mixed with edamame soy beans) and aubergine-topped miso soup for an authentic Japanese dinner.

chicken teriyaki recipe

Shoga yaki pan-fried ginger pork with shiso rice and kakitama egg drop soup. This dish takes thin slices of pork, onion, and other vegetables and grills them with a mix of soy sauce, sake and ginger. This quick and easy to make recipe is available when you subscribe to our Classic Box.


Our boxes

Choose from four different types of recipes boxes: the classic box, veggie box, family box and tofu box. Alternatively, you have the option to sign up to our one off trial box, so you can experience Japan Centre Fresh with no commitments.

Japan Centre Fresh family box
Pictured: the Japan Centre Fresh family box

Our one-off trial box comes with all of the ingredients needed (including meat, fresh vegetables, authentic Japanese seasonings, and more) to prepare two great-tasting Japanese meals for 2. One meal contains meat and the other is vegetarian so you can have some variety.

Japan Centre Fresh Tofu Box
Pictured: the Japan Centre Fresh tofu box

Check out our recipes page for more information on which recipes will be delivered on which dates and their respective recipe boxes. A fine range of fresh and thinly sliced beef and pork from Japan Centre will be incorporated into all meals containing meat. To allow us to maintain the freshness and quality of our handpicked ingredients, all boxes are delivered on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. You have the option to pick which date is suitable for you.

Subscribe today and receive rewards including, an exclusive tea towel, a pair of chopsticks, a soy sauce dish and even bonus loyalty points. You can also enjoy 20% off your first box by using the promo code JAPANFRESH at the checkout. Don’t forget to tell us which Japan Centre Fresh box you’d like to try first, in the comments below.