5 Japanese Teas to Help Cool you This Summer

Summer 2017 is already on track to be one of the hottest summers we’ve had in the last 5 years and we’ve found a great way to keep you cool and hydrated under the sweltering hot sun – tea!

When the weather is hot and humid, instead of reaching for a fizzy drink why not try tea? It’s a much healthier option. Dr Ruxton from King’s College London has stated that drinking tea replaces fluids and brings more antioxidants into the body. That’s why we’ve listed our top 5 Japanese teas to help keep you cool and hydrated this summer. 

Itoen Ooi Ocha Green Tea

Itoen is celebrated as Japan’s No.1 Green Tea brand. When served cold – it is easy to see why. Invigorate your body with a bottle of unsweetened Itoen Ooi Ocha green tea. This Japanese tea has a delicate albeit fresh flavour with just a hint of refreshing bitterness. Enjoyed daily, by millions of people in Japan, you can‘t go wrong with this tea!

Sit in the park and enjoy this bottled tea with some senbei crackers, the thin salad rice crackers from Kamedaseika are flavoured with a mixture of seafood, vegetable extracts and soy sauce – plus they’re low in fat.

Suntory Oolong Tea

Cool your body down with Suntory’s Oolong tea. This tea is perfect for a hot, busy or stress filled day as it revives your body’s energy levels. It’s free from sugar and calories with a nutty and full-bodied taste that has earned it many fans in Japan.

If you aren’t a fan of the intense and sometimes bitter flavour of most Japanese green teas, this oolong tea is perfect for you. Did you know Suntory is one of the oldest companies in Japan? It was opened in 1899 in Osaka, meaning it’s 118 years old!

Itoen Relax Jasmine Tea

Having a hectic day at work? Soothe and relax your body and mind with this calming Relax Jasmine Tea from Itoen.

Made with souchong and jasmine flowers, this Japanese tea is light and leafy with a floral aroma that is not at all overpowering. Because it contains less caffeine than most green teas, it is best enjoyed later on in the day – as a ‘wind down’ treat.

Yamamotoyama Sencha Green Tea

It is a well-known fact that drinking hot drinks in the summer helps to cool down your body faster and for longer. Yamamotoyama’s Sencha Green tea is mildly sweet, light and is easy to make and drink at any time of the day.

This tea is also rich in antioxidants called polyphenols. Polyphenols have many benefits for the human body, some of which include: promoting normal blood pressure and normal blood sugar levels.

Sasaki Seicha Loose Genmaicha

Genmaicha tea is a combination of Japanese green tea and brown rice. This tea from the Sakaki Seicha tea company, located in Shizuoka prefecture has a unique and memorable taste. Shizuoka Prefecture is famous for its good quality green tea and their sencha products, their methods of cultivating the tea is what sets them apart from all the other prefectures in Japan. This genmaicha has matcha added into it, providing a powerful and nutty taste which is sure to keep you revitalised on any hot summer day.

Let us know which Japanese tea you’ll be trying this summer in the comments below!