All you need to know about Japan Centre Panton Street

For 40 years, we have been London’s favourite Japanese food hall, that’s why we’re excited to announce our new flagship store will be opening on Panton Street this September!

Our new food hall will combine a range of unique specialist food rooms, with all of the traditional departments of a ‘depachika’ ( the Japanese word for a basement food hall – combining the word “depato,” meaning department store, and “chika,” meaning basement); and will be set around a central 100 seat dine-in courtyard. Our new flagship store will offer a truly unique dining and shopping experience and will become the new London destination for fans of Japanese food, cooking and cuisine.

Centrally located and just a short walk from Leicester Square Station and Piccadilly Circus Station, the new location will consist of the main food hall, three different ‘specialist’ rooms, a central courtyard eating area, open kitchens and a beautiful Japanese entrance experience.

The Tea Room

The first specialist room will be The Tea Room, where you will be able to order tea by the gram, browse and sample our wide range of teas under the guidance of our knowledgeable staff, all within a calm relaxed area made from light birch elements and fresh planting.

The Sake Room

The second specialist room is The Sake Room. You will be able to browse, sample and purchase from the wide range of sake available with sake experts ready to help with any queries or offer suggestions. The room will be decorated with light Japanese wood textures and sake barrel-inspired fittings to feel like a traditional Japanese sake shop.

The Miso Room

The last specialist room will be The Miso Room which will serve fresh miso. You will not only be able to sample and learn about the different uses of miso in your cooking but will be able to weigh your own and purchase hard to find niche miso products.

The Food Hall

The main open and bright food hall will offer a wide range of fresh, dry and packed goods with a large selection of daily ingredients Japan Centre is known for, from dashi and soy sauce to seaweed and freshly milled rice for all of your Japanese cooking needs. This is in addition to our aromatic Japanese bakery, fruit & vegetable stalls, fresh sashimi, fish and meat counters and an authentic homeware section to include books, magazines, ceramics, wagashi, gifts and a gift wrap area.

You will have the option of take out from the main sozai deli counter from a wide selection of freshly prepared favourites including ramen, hand pulled udon, Japanese curry, and a wide variety of gyoza and tempura. The central courtyard, where you can dine in, will be the new eating destination for London. It will be perfect for quick bites, longer lunches and dinner.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the new Japan Centre – the countdown officially begins now! Let us know what you’re most excited to see in our new flagship store by commenting below.