10 Bento Instagram Accounts to Inspire you

Spring is the season when everyone becomes more motivated to eat more healthily and lead more active lifestyles. We may join the gym or switch up our meals with leaner and cleaner alternatives. With picnics under the cherry trees (hanami) in full swing in Japan, we wanted to share the top 10 bento Instagram accounts we think you may be inspired by!


If you like to experiment with cute and fun bento ideas then you should be following @littlemissbento. Shirley’s speciality is adding famous characters to her bento boxes as well as creating her own. She varies her bento recipes so you can be sure to find both healthy and indulgent lunch ideas perfect for you. One of her most popular creations includes black sesame koala baos hugging little sausages.


Those of you who enjoy sampling traditional Japanese bento will appreciate food artist @xxxxchikaxxxx’s stunning creations. Chika likes to play with different natural food colours to create the most eye-catching bento boxes you’ll see on Instagram. She mixes fruits and vegetables to add contrasting flavours. Her speciality is incorporating homemade pickled food products like kimchi and mushrooms – to add tang and excitement.


Oftentimes, it can be challenging to create an attractive looking bento while ensuring you’re packing food that will keep you full and energised for the rest of the day. @chiho_1590 proves that style doesn’t have to overpower substance. Each of her bento boxes includes mini meals that have all your essential vegetables, fruit and protein for the day. She also posts about new dessert and breakfast recipes she has created, so the inspiration won’t just end at bento lunches.


With a recipe blog that includes all the ingredients used as well as direct and clear instructions on how to recreate her bento recipes from scratch, @mikason925’s speciality is traditional and well known Japanese dishes in bento box size. She also recreated the popular Korean dish bibimbap to suit Japanese tastes. Check out her Instagram page for nutritious recipes.


Jana Al Ghunaim is a mother of three based in the United Arab Emirates. She is known for creating character bento boxes or kyaraben as they are otherwise known as. One of her most recent creations includes a bento box styled after the internet’s favourite grumpy cat – @realgrumpycat. The ingenious creation was made using mini sweetcorn, grapes, lettuce, rice, carrots and seaweed.


For bento lunches that include a starter, main and side – you should follow @yomo531. She also includes breakfast, lunch and snack recipe ideas that can be incorporated into your bento. As a working ophthalmologist, wife and mother – Yomo’s recipes are quick and easy to create and accommodate her busy lifestyle. So if you’re ever in a hurry and are looking for something delicious but doesn’t take too much time, check out her page.


If you like experimenting with exotic ingredients like dragon fruit. Then you will enjoy following @junko_0315’s Instagram feed. One of her most interesting bento recipes includes her take on the classic ‘scotch egg.’ Instead of using a boiled egg as is standard, she used mushrooms and broccoli. For those days you just don’t know what to put into your bento, turn to Junko for some inspiration.


Bright, colourful and exciting bento boxes are always on display on @77ponchan99’s Instagram feed. Some of the recipes displayed include flower shaped sunny side up eggs on a bed of takikomi gohan, with vegetables and delicately fried sausages. Other common features are rice with a variety of furikake seasonings as well as an expertly decorated bento which even include bento box dividers.


A mum of two based in Yokohama, pick.less only started sharing her bento boxes recently. Her feed is more organic and gives you the ‘homey’ and traditional feel that has increasingly become hard to find on Instagram. Her feed is updated almost every day with new and delicious bento boxes as well as lifestyle anecdotes that include where to eat, shop and drink wine in Yokohama.


Justine, a 22 year old vegan girl from France creates one of the healthiest bento boxes you’ll come across on Instagram. If you are vegan and looking for some healthy options to pack into your bento box for a work lunch, you’ll love how delicious and easy to make her creations are. She also includes meal ideas for all times of the day – giving you the freedom to choose just exactly what you want in your bento box.

To help you recreate these delicious bento recipes in the comfort of your home, visit japancentre.com for all your bento supplies including bento boxes, dividers, chopsticks and more! Let us know which account you’ll be following on Instagram in the comments below.