5 ways to detox your life Japanese style

January is the month to make positive changes that will set the tone for the rest of the year. That’s why it is important to start the year with the right attitude. As January is detox month at Japan Centre, we wanted to share 5 essential ways to help you detox your life the Japanese way.

The Japanese way of life is highly regarded for its simplicity. This simplicity is in turn reflected in the cuisine, architecture, fashion as well as the Japanese attitudes towards life in general. A key component to a successful detox is to eliminate all sources of major stress, allowing your mind to relax and your soul to reap the benefits.

This is why we have picked 5 important aspects of the Japanese detox that highlight general wellbeing for your mind, body and lifestyle. So sit back, relax and absorb these 5 ways to detox your life Japanese style.

Lifestyle – Add more order to your life

One of the best ways to detox your life is to add more order. The more organised and well planned your day to day tasks are – the less you’ll have to worry about in the long run. Not having to worry every step of the way will then leave you with time and energy to focus on other things. This is the approach Japanese organisational coach Marie Kondo takes. It not only involves organising day to day tasks but touches belongings and even the art of folding.

Kondo’s method of organising is known as the KonMari method and involves gathering and keeping only those things that spark joy or ‘tokimeku’ (the Japanese word for ‘flutter, throb, palpitate’). From then on you choose a place for everything, making life much simpler and stress free.

(all credits go to Marie Kondo)

Mentality – Don’t sweat the small stuff and persevere


Another important aspect of the Japanese detox is to transform the way your mind sees negative situations. Detox your mind and take it easy. As the Japanese saying goes:

Nanakorobi yaoki  – fall seven times and stand up eight. When life knocks you down, stand back up. Don’t dwell on the bad but instead, focus on what to do next. This quote reflects the Japanese culture of resilience, this is reinforced in most facets of Japanese culture including education, business, sports and the zen way of life. The more positive your outlook, the more energised and relaxed you will feel in challenging situations.

Routine – Add matcha to your diet?


If you are looking to thoroughly detoxify your body, you might want to have a cup of green tea in place of your regular cup of coffee. We all need a boost of caffeine to wake us up most mornings. However, it is important to be wary of just how much caffeine your body is taking in. Green tea offers key antioxidants beneficial to the body, and the best part is – they’re in their most natural form. You still get that healthy kick of caffeine to help jumpstart your day too.

Health – Whenever possible, try home remedies


The next time your throat is a little tickly or your nose is blocked, before reaching for something strong, why not give the Japanese yuzu home remedy a go? The main benefits of yuzu are that it’s chock full of vitamin C. It has a long tradition of being used to ward off cold and flu as well as helping to heal chapped skin. In the winter time, hot and healing yuzu baths are taken. To have a stronger cold fighting remedy you can even add ginger, lime and lemon.

Cuisine – Be healthy and cook Japanese


The final component of our Japanese detox is eating healthier in order to benefit your health in the long run, because let’s face it – we’d all like to live longer. It is a well known fact that Japan has the highest life expectancy rate in the world. The Japanese diet stresses the importance of vegetables and seafood which are low in fat and high in protein. Fish are also a major source of omega 3 fatty acids that aid in the mitigation or prevention of chronic illnesses. A healthy body helps you to maintain a happy life. Japanese author Reiko Hashimoto wrote ‘Cook Japan, Stay Slim, Live Longer to help you achieve this is in a simple and realistic way.

Let us know if you’ll be trying the Japanese detox in the comments below.