Japanese Christmas Dinner Table Essentials

Make your Christmas extra special this year by adding Japanese touches to your dinner table. Whether you are looking for stunning ceramic additions, or a recommendation on which sake to try this festive season – we’re sure you’ll find something suited to your tastes.

For sushi lovers

Going for a festive Japanese dinner this year? Then serve your meals with our charming ceramic plate and soy sauce dish set. Use it to serve freshly prepared sushi or sashimi and wow your guests with the ultimate marker of authenticity.


Like miso soup?

One can not talk about a traditional Japanese dinner table setting without mentioning the much loved staple – miso. Now you can keep it steaming hot and fresh with your very own miso soup bowl with its accompanying lid. Decorated with a stunning Japanese pattern, not only is it practical, but it is also very easy on the eyes.



Perfect nabe hot pot every time

Superior earthenware pots are hard to come by, now you can cook your favourite Japanese winter dishes in the comfort of your home. With a glossy grey finish, terracotta-coloured bottom and adorned with intricate flower and swirl pattern details, it’s suitable for everyday use or for those special occasions you want to show off your best tableware. Our unique earthenware pot was made in Japan – another reason to love it even more.


Unique chopstick accessories

If you like cute and quirky dining accessories, then these ceramic chopstick rests will be right up your street. Coming as a set of five, the chopstick rests are shaped like different vegetables and are guaranteed to be a talking point at any dinner party. Place your chopsticks on them between meals.


Marvelous matcha

There’s always a place for matcha at the dinner table. Either before your starter, between meals as a palate cleanser or after your dessert – served hot; Japanese matcha and the ceremony around it, brings with it an air of sophistication and authenticity. Try our premium matcha tea ceremony set and enjoy this unique drink with your friends and family.


Toast your celebrations with sparkling sake

Make your festive toasts a little different this year, with our Utakata sparkling sake set with furoshiki – traditional Japanese wrapping. This set also comes with a furoshiki guide, so if you decide to gift one of the bottles – the recipient will feel extra special and will have something to hold onto long after the sake has been finished. The Utakata set is unique because it combines yuzu and apple sparkling sake and is sure to brighten any Christmas dinner.


Heart warming ceramic tableware

Serve your ‘one bowl’ Japanese meals, e.g. donburi, in your very own unique ceramic bowl with a beautiful cherry blossom print. Coming as a set of two, with chopsticks, this set is also perfect to give away to a loved one as a Christmas gift.  



Which is your favourite Japanese dinner table essential? Let us know in the comments below.