Recipe: How To Make Hoso Maki Sushi


Sushi rolls, or ‘makizushi’ in Japanese, are what most non-Japanese people think of when they think of sushi. Makizushi is made by wrapping up fillings in rice and nori seaweed. This recipe shows you how to make a basic hoso maki thin sushi roll. Great for making multiple ones with your favourite fillings.


For the Sushi Rice
660g Cooked Japanese Sushi Rice

(please refer to our How to cook Japanese Rice video on the method of preparing rice)

50ml Sushi Seasoned Vinegar

For the Thin Roll

1pcs Long strip of Sashimi Grade Fish

1pc Sushi Nori Seaweed

½ tsp Wasabi

1 tbsp Soy Sauce


  1. Once the rice is cooked moisten the inside of hangiri sushi barrel or a large bowl to prevent the rice from sticking. The rice needs to be freshly cooked and hot when preparing sushi rice.
  2. Place cooked rice in a hangiri sushi barrel or a large bowl and add the sushi seasoned vinegar. Gently mix the vinegar into the rice using a rice paddle until the vinegar is well incorporated. Let sushi rice cool down to room temperature. Cover the sushi rice with a moisten tea towel to prevent the rice from drying.
  3. Cut nori seaweed into halves, then place half of the nori on the sushi mat shiny side down. As a golden rule, the shiny side of the nori seaweed should always be the outer side of the sushi.
  4. Place roughly 80g of sushi rice on the nori seaweed and spread across evenly leaving 1cm on the top edge. Add a small portion of wasabi and place a filling in the centre.
  5. Start rolling from the bottom tucking the edge of the roll to fully enclose the filling. Lift the edge of the mat and continue to roll forward until the sushi is formed into a firm cylinder.
  6. Slightly wet the blade of a sharp knife and slice the roll into 6 pieces. First into halves and then the halves into thirds. Clean knife with a wet towel between cuts to prevent the rice from sticking to the knife.
  7. Serve with soy sauce.

Watch our easy to follow video for clear instructions.