10 Surprising Asian Taste Sensations

Miso Ramen Asian noodles with egg, enoki and pak choi cabbage in bowl on white marble background

The Asian food industry is very dynamic and surpasses its western counterparts when it comes to innovation and its ability to always push out new and exciting food products. As the biggest Japanese food supplier in Europe, we’ve expanded our range and introduced some of the most intriguing, exciting and beloved products from around Asia.

Miso Ramen Asian noodles with egg, enoki and pak choi cabbage in bowl on white marble background
Miso Ramen Asian noodles with egg, enoki and pak choi cabbage

To broaden your taste palette, jolt your tastebuds and open yourself up to some of the best taste sensations available – why not give a few of these a try?

The sensational classics

1. Riken Chinese Style Oil Free Sesame Dressing

This Chinese style dressing contains whole sesame seeds, oyster sauce, garlic seasoning, and a refreshing array of strong umami flavours.


Top tip: Best enjoyed as a dressing for salads, dipping meat and gyoza.

2. Nong Shim Chapaghetti Instant Black Spaghetti


This well loved Korean favourite is a filling type of instant noodle. Considered to be the instant version of the Chinese inspired dish Jajangmyeon, it is made with instant noodles, black bean sauce, onion and prawn seasoning and vegetable flakes. It’s easy to make and can be ready in just 5 minutes!

Top tip: Perfect for a quick office lunch or a quick and easy movie night meal.

3. Miyakoichi Chinese Style Ramen


Containing less additives than the average instant ramen, these Miyakoichi Chinese style ramen noodles are essentially the healthier option for those of you who like quick and easy meals.

Top tip: They are versatile and can be added to soups, stir fries and salads.  

4. Thai Fried Rice Spice Mix


For our Thai cuisine lovers looking to add a little zing to their rice, we suggest you add a little of this spice mix from Yataigai. Infused with garlic, fish sauce, prawn and a little chilli pepper it’ll transform any plain rice dish to a sensational meal from the East!

Top tip: For a quick snack with a little extra something, why not add this to your omurice or homemade onigiri?

The sweet treats

5. Glico Collon Matcha Green Tea Cream Biscuits

original (1)

The list can’t be considered sensational without the memorable and unique flavour of matcha. These matcha green tea cream biscuits are crunchy and full of flavour.

Top tip: Best enjoyed with a cup of tea or as a dessert after a savoury dinner.

6. Otsuka Pocari Sweat Still Ion Supply Drink

original (2)

Made in Korea and very similar to the Pocari Sweat made in Japan, this drink is highly popular and beneficial for people who engage in high energy sports as it helps to repair, re-energise and re-hydrate the body after the trauma of exercise. This isotonic drink is regarded as a pop culture favourite due to its popularity in Asia.

Top tip: For those who want a little study boost, the ingredients will help increase your concentration levels allowing you to work harder for longer.

7. Kanesu Soba with Plum Extract

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These Japanese buckwheat soba noodles are pink due to their absorption of plum extract. They add a nice splash of colour to any dish – be it bento or on a plate and have a delicate fragrance.  

Top tip: Try with some daikon for a traditional Japanese supper.

The spicy favourites

8. S&B La-Yu Chilli Oil

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A small bottle of Chinese chilli oil that packs quite a punch! The sesame oil is infused with chilli, fortunately this oil has had the chilli flakes filtered out so you can enjoy your salad or marinated meat without worrying about flakes getting stuck on your teeth.

Top tip: Try with your next beef and cucumber salad.

9. Chongga Cut Cabbage Kimchi


A Korean staple that is recognised as one of Japan’s favourite Korean foods – kimchi is fermented cabbage that has matured with spicy gochujang sauce. This particular kimchi packet from Chongga contains white cabbage and radish fermented in gochujang, red pepper, anchovy sauce, onion and garlic.

Top tip: Try with some soft short grain rice.

10. Nong Shim Hot & Spicy Shin Ramen

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Recognised as one of the most famous ramen snacks to come out of Korea, Nong shim’s hot and spicy shin ramen has cemented its status as pop culture gold and was declared the biggest selling ramen noodles in Korea! The noodle pack comes with a delicious sachet of hot and spicy Korean chilli sauce to make the soup.

Top tip: Try adding broccoli, courgettes, bean sprouts and egg to give your shin ramen a deliciously healthy twist.

Have you tried any of the above? If so, what were your favourites – comment below.