Celebrate Sakura Season The Right Way

With the sun shining a little brighter for a little longer, the feeling that spring has arrived and is here to stay has never felt more concrete. This is why we’ve rustled up a little guide with all the spring worthy items we’re currently loving here at Japan Centre.

Cherry blossoms or ‘sakura’ have become synonymous with spring in Japan and the world over. This is why normally around this time you will tend to see people align themselves with anything sakura related including hanami – the appreciation of spring blossoms, where Japanese people gather for evening picnics under the blooms. To bring this traditional and cultural treasure a little close to home, we are surrounding ourselves with all the wonderful things that give us that oh so ‘spring feeling.’

Delicious sakura tea

In Japan, tea is not only cultural but has become ingrained into the Japanese way of life. It’s a therapeutic and relaxing outlet that calms the soul and mind, with the added bonus of being delicious. To get into your sakura spring mood, choose from our top two sakura teas. The sencha with cherry blossoms has added aromatic flavours that enhance the tea’s sweetness.

Sencha with Cherry Blossoms

On the other hand, why not try the cherry blossom tea which is commonly drunk at celebrations and has a slight salty flavour, making it perfect to go with sweet snacks.

Cherry blossom tea

Sweet sakura cream mochi

Suitable for gift giving and special occasions, the Nagatoya sakura cream mochi are filled with sakura cherry blossom infused white bean paste, giving them an enjoyable and unique taste. This is one traditional dessert that can certainly help you welcome the sakura season at home.


Sakura decorated ceramics

For those of you who like to surround themselves with long lasting ornaments of traditional wares, then you’ll appreciate our top picks for sakura decorated ceramics. For our avid tea lovers, or anyone looking to enjoy their favourite brews a little more often, we’d recommend our cherry blossom tea set.

tea set

Or alternatively, for all your donburi’s, miso soups and rice dishes choose our cherry blossom bowl.


Sakura decorated fan

If you’re looking to add a little Japanese flair to your home, or maybe collect something unique and eye-catching; why not try this fan covered with cherry blossoms?



However you’re looking to welcome the sakura season, make sure you are doing it in an enjoyable, memorable and unique way! If you live in London, why not pop down to some of the following sakura/spring celebration events?

  1. Matcha Green Tea Food Tasting Tour at Whitfield Gardens. Mar 20th 2:00pm – 4:30 pmmatcha tasting
  2. British Origami Society Convention. All day Apr 8 – Apr 10th origami
  3. Yuki’s Kitchen Cooking Classes – Sushi At Home: Let’s Roll! At Yuki’s Kitchen, Crystal Palace. Apr 16 @ 11:00 am – 1:30 pm sushi class