Welcome Spring With The Refreshing Taste of Sake!

As the days become longer, and our smiles a little more relaxed – the time to let loose and enjoy the upcoming days of warmth and laughter is arriving soon. In Japan, Hanami – the art of enjoying the beauty of flowers (mainly ume and sakura), has begun. Whether you’re a sake connoisseur or a novice, we have compiled a short list of spring suitable sakes to liven up any social gathering or warm up your mood for a solo session.

Gekkeikan Utakata Apple Sparkling Sake

For those of you still with the bitter taste of winter in your mouths, the Gekkeikan Utakata Apple Sparkling Sake offers a light yet refreshing taste. Infused with apples from the Aomori prefecture, it has a sharp and sweet taste that makes it the perfect accompaniment to any savoury or  meat and fish dishes. Alternatively, it can be enjoyed by itself in the same manner wine coolers usually are. Gekkeikan are one of the most renowned sake brewers in Japan and have even been awarded imperial recognition and even hold sake seminars in London regularly.


Shochikubai Shirakabegura Mio Sparkling Sake

If you like to savour your sake and slowly take in the taste while almost luxuriating in it, we’d recommend the Shochikubai Shirakabegura Mio Sparkling Sake. Crafted in the traditional brewing style, this sake has a fruity, sweet and carbonated taste which makes it unique and easier to savour. It brings along with it, the playful and cheerful joys of spring – making it perfect for outdoor brunch.


Ozeki Hanaawaka Sparkling Sake

The Ozeki Hanaawaka Sparkling Sake is made using only rice and koji rice mould. This makes it the perfect choice for first time sake drinkers looking to join the wondrous world of Japanese sake. It’s light enough to not overpower your senses, without being forgettable. This is what makes it great when paired with sushi.

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For those of you looking to come into Central London, why not pop through Japan Centre on Shaftesbury Avenue and grab a bottle of the Hananoka 702 sparkling sake, as recommended by our Japan Centre sake sommeliers. Its flavour complements any sweet dish perfectly.

Sweet Japanese plum wine with fruit in glass photographed with beautiful pink wildflowers
Sweet Japanese plum wine with fruit in glass photographed with beautiful pink wildflowers