Narita Food Fair 14th – 15th November: Fresh Produce From Narita at Japan Centre Piccadilly

naritaThis weekend take advantage of this rare opportunity to sample fresh produce direct from Japan, at Japan Centre Piccadilly…

We’re delighted to be offering the foodies of London a chance to sample and fill their cupboards with genuine Japanese produce. With select fruit and vegetables flown in straight from Narita airport all grown locally in Chiba Prefecture, you’ll be able to try unique and flavoursome Japanese alternatives to your everyday fruit & veg. Why not come down to Japan Centre Piccadilly and see if you can taste the difference?

What’s on offer?

  • A team of experts from Narita, on hand to answer any questions 
  • FREE tasting between 2 – 6pm on Saturday and Sunday 14th – 15th November
  • Tips and recipes on how to get the most out of your fresh Japanese produce
  • And of course – fresh, authentic fruit and veg straight from Japan


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