Top 5 Osaka Street Eats

Osaka is Japan’s good-time city. A frenzy of neon lights and tasty street food, easy-come beer, all-night parties and world-class shopping. It’s everything a metropolis should be and more. Food is life in Osaka. The city has its own verb, ‘Kuidaore’, which translates roughly as ‘to eat yourself into ruin’. Whether you’ve been at the office all day, sight-seeing or on your way home from a night on the town, you may be on the look-out for a quick bite to eat, which will probably involve some of the following moreish snacks. Join Japan Centre as we take a look at our Top 5 Osaka Eats.

5. Kushikatsu – 串カツ (Kushiage – 串揚げ)

Who said Japanese food was always healthy? These skewered, deep fried sticks of sin can be picked up on the street, ordered at izakaya or even fried up in front of you at special kushiage restaurants. Consisting of meat and veg submerged in batter and fried, they’re a particularly popular snack when watching the home team playing baseball – the city’s favourite sport.

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4. Crab – 

One of Osaka’s most famous sights is the hulking, mechanical crab, splayed out on the wall of neon bedecked Dotonburi. It’s the symbol of Kanidouraku Dotombori-Honten, a touristy but fun restaurant that serves up crab in multiple manifestations, including crab sushi and grilled crab legs. Grab a crabby snack from the outside yatai stand and wander through the electric wonderland of Dotonburi in awe.

3. Tako Tamago – タコ卵

Perhaps one of the more eccentric street food snacks you’ll encounter in Japan, Tako Tamago consists of a quail egg stuffed into the head of a little glazed, grilled octopus, which is then impaled on a skewer. Sound tempting? Pick one up from the awesome Kuromon Ichiba Market which is packed with fresh seafood and tempting street food.

2. Okonomiyaki – お好み焼き


An absolutely essential Osaka experience is getting stuck into Okonomiyaki. Typically made with batter, cabbage, meat and special toppings, in Osaka you’ll find an astounding range of varieties including kimchi and cheese, seafood and even mochi. Washing it all down with an ice cold beer is obligatory.

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1. Takoyaki – たこ焼き

The King of Japanese street food has to be the almighty takoyaki ball, a savoury dumpling made with diced octopus and batter in a special platter, finished off with sauces, bonito fish flakes and nori seaweed. Ubiquitous throughout the city, takoyaki stalls are constantly on standby to serve up a portion in no time. One of the more unique places to try them is in the gigantic Spa World, where you can take a break from naked bathing en masse to relax in pyjamas and snack on takoyaki – a true ‘only in Osaka’ experience.

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Have we forgotten any of your Osaka street food favourites? Let us know in the comments below!

Image credits:

chopstuey: night time street stall

kimishowota: kushikatsu

s.yume: crab legs

Tjeerd Wiersma: stuffed octopus