Prism International Presents Distinct Impressions – An Exhibition Featuring Esteemed Japanese Print Artists

Coming to London is a remarkable exhibition from Prism Print International, showcasing the work of 32 important print artists from 6 countries, including Japan. Always on the hunt for Japan related events in London,  we at Japan Centre are delighted to be supporting Distinct Impressions. Read on to find out more about this exciting event for all art lovers and Japanophiles alike…

What is Distinct Impressions?

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Described as an “exchange exhibition” featuring 32 print artists from all over the world, showcasing fascinating, beautiful and deeply personal art in print. Included are 14 exceptional Japanese artists, whose work you can preview in the slideshow above.

Where and when?

Distinct Impressions will run from Tuesday 6th to Sunday 18th October, from 11 – 5pm everyday. You’ll find it at The Embassy Tea Gallery on 195-205 Union Street, Bankside, which has developed into one of London’s most exciting gallery quarters, a stone’s throw from the Tate Modern.

What’s the story? 

The artist John Read has long been deeply connected with Japan, having taught in Tokyo in 1977 before returning to England and continuing to immerse himself in Japanese culture, meeting his future wife Kyoko when studying the art of ‘Chado’, or the tea ceremony. Years later, John brought together expert print maker Nigel Oxley, who had been a fellow student at the Camberwell Art School, and his brother in law and owner of an important gallery in Urawa, Toshiaki Yanagisawa, for an exhibition in Tower Hamlets in 2013, which was well received by the art community. This subsequently became Prism Print International which has gone from strength to strength, now featuring 32 international print artists in this forthcoming exhibition. John says:

 Prism takes its name from the idea of a glass prism splitting light into seven colours (there are seven geographical continents too). We try to expose what it is about the works of artists from differing cultures which is distinctive and valuable and to reveal it in our exhibitions.We look at what it is those artists are already immersed in which is unique and valuable to world culture generally. We believe that is what needs to be preserved and promoted through art exhibitions. Prism continues to try to build strong connections with Japan partly because it has such a strong and living printmaking culture, with artists of great quality and originality, but also because Japanese culture is in so many ways a foil for western culture; it is so similar in certain ways yet diametrically opposite in others.

Look out for:

Gallery talk from Japanese artist Toshihiko Ikeda – ‘Print in Japan,’ on Sunday 11th October 2-4pm.

We can’t wait to go along to this event and experience first hand the beautiful and unique art of contemporary Japanese print makers.  Will you be attending? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
Find out more about Prism Print International here.

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