Summer Sale Bestsellers Top 10

Summer is all about frolicking in the great outdoors, falling asleep in deck chairs, waking up with awkward tan lines and grabbing bargains to make yourself feel better. Unlike your usual run-of-the-mill summer sale, our bright selection of Japan Centre goodies makes our top 10 the coolest around. Let the countdown begin…

10. S&B Wasabi Paste


Everyone’s favourite spicy green paste brings up the rear of our top 10.

9. Itsuki Hiyashi Chuka with Sesame Sauce


Summer is all about cold noodles and these take the icy crown.

8. Itsuki Pre-Cooked Yakisoba


There’s nothing quite like yakisoba to bring back memories of summer festivals in Japan, which might explain the popularity of these guys.

5. 6. 7 – S & B Golden Curry Varieties


This trio of curry options are prized for their ease of use and great flavour – perfect for summer evenings.

4. Sangaria Ramu Bottle Ramune Soda

A cult summer classic from drinks giant Sangaria slips in at number 4.

3. Itoen Ooi Ocha Green Tea


When humidity strikes Japan, the whole nation reaches for chilled green tea and it looks like you Japan fans are starting to follow suit.

2. Kewpie Mayo

photo (1)

Drizzled over pizza, used as a dipping sauce for crispy karaage, a glue for sushi making – the uses for Japan’s no.1 mayo are seemingly endless. No wonder it’s proved popular with you too.

1. Hatakosen Ramune Soda


As much a part of Japanese pop culture as Hello Kitty or An Pan Man, Hatakosen Ramune’s distinctive bottle and fun flavour make it the ultimate drink this summer and the champion in our summer sale countdown.

There you have it, the colourful countdown! We recommend perusing our summer sale range and grabbing a bargain while you can.

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