Chichi No Hi: Father’s Day at Japan Centre


With Father’s Day just a week away, we thought we’d take a moment to look at ‘Chi Chi No Hi’, the equivalent in Japan, as well some of our cracking Father’s Day gift potentials here at Japan Centre

Family is an integral part of life in Japan and the relationship between father and child can be playful as well as authoritative. ‘Chi Chi No Hi’ (父の日) is marked on 21st June when kids treat their dad’s with gifts such as flowers, sweets, meat and booze (although we reckon Mum might have something to do with the last two). Some extra creative kids will even bash out a portrait of their beloved fathers like this one…

Ryuicihi Ikeda flickr

Kawaii ne! Whilst Father’s Day isn’t the biggest celebration in Japan, it’s gradually growing in popularity as an occasion to treat all the hard working dads out there.

We reckon one of the best ways to dad’s heart is through his stomach, which is why we’ve created a recipe for the ultimate Father’s Day FEAST for you to try at home.

As Father’s Day is celebrated here in Britain on the same day as Japan, us kids at Japan Centre have gone to town gathering some splendid options to make dad feel extra special.

Look out for our Father’s Day sections in both Japan Centre Piccadilly and Westfield, Stratford. But don’t forget that you can also get the perfect Father’s Day gift delivered to your door with Japan Centre Online:


So whether it’s yakiniku BBQ sauce, refreshing Japanese beers, fantastic food kits or a top notch sake, we think going Japanese is the sure fire way to make dad mega chuffed this Father’s Day.

One dad who’s a legend to all of us here at Japan Centre is a certain Mr. Tak Tokumine.

tak 2

Without nearly 40 years of his hard work and graft, there would be no Japan Centre or Shoryu Ramen at all. Here he is back in the day with lil’ Hannah-chan, who grew up to be Managing Director of Japan Centre! Arigatou gozaimasu Tak. Happy Father’s Day!

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Thanks to flickr users Takafumi Goto & 夏-祭 for the feature images in colour, and Ryuicihi Ikeda for the kids drawing
Thanks to Wiki Commons for the feature image in black & white