Keep Cool and Carry On – The Art Of Cold Noodles

recipe - somen yuzu

Like a sumo on a water-slide, summer is coming to get you. With record-breaking temperatures expected in June, learn how to cool down deliciously, with Japanese cold noodle delights at Japan Centre

Summer in Japan is marked by the roar of the cicada, vibrant festivals and astonishing heat and humidity. To keep ‘Keep Cool & Carry On’, Japanese embrace colourful hand-held fans, refreshing ice-cold beer and what we think of as the ultimate solution – noodles served cold. These beauties come in different guises, so let’s take a look at some favourites:


recipe - somen

Lesser known than some of their noodly neighbours, Somen are a must in the heat of summer when one’s appetite is dwindling. These incredibly thin, wheat-based noodles are most commonly eaten chilled on ice and accompanied by a special ‘Somen Tsuyu’ used as a dipping sauce. Preparation is incredibly simple – just boil the Somen for a couple of minutes, drain, and immerse in cool water, serving on ice with tsuyu on the side.

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Zaru Soba is a fun dish that is loved families throughout Japan for its ease of preparation and association with summer, not to mention the brilliant health benefits of this buckwheat based noodle.

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insta ramen

Whilst normally submerged in a bubbling broth of indulgent deliciousness, Ramen noodles have a cheeky summery side too. Prepared with fresh, chilled toppings they make Hiyashi Chuka Ramen, perfect for a chilled evening in the setting summer sun.

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recipe - shirataki


As if Shirataki didn’t have enough going for it (almost completely free of calories, a fantastic source of fibre, so simple to prepare) it also makes a wonderful chilled dish. Formed from the mystical mountain-yam, Shirataki noodles absorb flavour like tofu, making them ideal for cooling noodle salads in the summer months.

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As always, we love to see any of the dishes you come up with using Japan Centre goodies, so please send your food pics to us on Instagram or Twitter using the hash-tag #JCreations.