Amazing Ramune Colours & Crayons – ON OFFER

We’ve got a Ramune set at Japan Centre that’s super cute, super quirky and super Japanese. Read on for more deets…

Ramune is one of the most POPular choices of soft drink in Japan, loved for its bubbly nature and innovative bottle design. With this set, the rascals at Ramune have stepped the fun up a notch. Included is 6 different coloured Ramune options (a Ramune rainbow if you will) and a bunch of kawaii crayons. Here’s the catch! These bottles don’t reveal the flavour inside, that’s up to you to guess. Taste it, share it, and colour in the fruit flavour you reckon each drink corresponds to with the matching crayon.

This set is great for kids and perfect for parties and is currently reduced to just £25! Pick it up at Japan Centre in store or online. Shop now! 

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