NEW Stunning Japanese Tableware & Bento Boxes at Japan Centre Online

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Want to bring a bit of Japan into your home? Check out the new bits and bobs fresh off the boat at Japan Centre. From traditional sake sets to bento boxes and more, read on to see what’s on offer…

You already know that Japan Centre is the go to destination for Japanese ingredients, from sublime sake to majestic matcha and mighty fine miso. But it might just have passed you by that we also stock traditional tableware and bento boxes to serve Japanese cuisine in style. These are top quality products offered to you guys at a very reasonable price, so have a browse and grab a bargain. 

Sake Serving Sets

There’s no better way of serving the good stuff than in traditional ceramic serving vessels. The flavour is left unimpaired whilst the ceramic design is ideal for maintaining the temperature of the sake – whether you are serving it warm, chilled or at room temperature. With a ‘tokkuri’ sake dispenser and ‘ochoko’ cups, our sake sets look simply smashing too. Just don’t drop them.

sake-set-blue - Copy sake-set-green - Copy
Shop Jet Black & Sapphire Ceramic Sake Set Shop Jet Black & Midori Ceramic Sake Set Low in Stock
sake-set-stroke - Copy Stone_Sake_Set_Green - Copy
Shop Ivory Ceramic Sake Set With Bamboo Design Shop Natural Ceramic Sake Set With Bamboo Design

Tea Serving Ceramics

Our selection of Japanese tea selection is the stuff of legend – one that brings tea-lovers from far and wide together. No matter whether you’re matcha-mad, hojicha-happy or gleefully fond of genmai-cha, our traditional style tea sets are the perfect way to serve your brew.

teapot 1 teapot 3
Shop Blue and White Cherry Blossom Branch Pattern Teacup

Shop Blue and White Cherry Blossom Branch Pattern Teapot

teapot 2

teapot 4
Shop Blue and Brown Stripe Pattern Teacup

Shop Blue and Brown Stripe Pattern Teapot

Miso Soup Bowls

Consumed daily in households throughout Japan, miso soup is a super healthy dish that’s growing in popularity here in Blighty. If you’re one of the legions of miso soup converts, you’ll be wanting to eat it right, just as it is in Japan.

miso-bowl-black miso-bowl-red
Shop Japanese Miso Soup Bowl – Black Wood Grain Pattern with Red Inside Shop Red Miso Soup Bowl With Gold Leaf Design Low in Stock
miso-bowl-set soup-bowl-lid
Shop Twin Floral Miso Soup Bowl & Chopsticks Set Low in Stock Shop Fancy Lidded Miso Soup Bowl With Sakura Pattern

Divine Bento Boxes

So you’re one of these outdoorsy people who occasionally leaves the comfort of home and eats away from the dining table? Don’t worry – you can still dine on Japanese food elegantly whilst on-the-go with one of our beautiful bento boxes.

Bento_Box_Gold_alt Bento_Box_Natural_alt
Shop Gold Flecked Wooden Look Slim Two Tier Bento Box Shop Natural Wooden Look Two Tier Bento Box
Bento_Box_Red_Flower_alt Temari_Bento_Box_Red_alt
Shop White & Red Flower Slim Two Tier Bento Box Shop Three Tier Temari Patterned Bento Box in Burgundy Red

Quite an impressive spread right? And there’s a load more online, believe it or not. So if you love Japanese food, serve it the way it should be, with our splendid tableware and bento boxes from Japan Centre.