KOHRO Sake Is Here – World Class Sake Exclusive To Japan Centre

Heralding from the city of Kumamoto, KOHRO sake is world renowned for its sublime quality. Japan Centre boss Tak Tokumine claims it is “every sake drinkers last wish before they die” – a definite upgrade from the usual horlicks we reckon. Now we’ve sailed it around the world and are offering it to you lucky blighters here in Blighty. Consider yourself a sake superstar? You NEED to try this…

The Kumamoto Research Insitute of Sake Brewing,an epic name if ever we’ve heard one, are the sake sensations responsible for KOHRO. But what sets them apart from the rest?

Founded in 1909 in the fine city of Kumamoto – known for its splendid castle and penchant for raw horse meat- the Kumamoto Resarch Insitute of
Sake Brewing was set up as a collaborative project between sake brewers in the region, in the hope of improving sake quality. With the expertise of Chief Engineer Dr. Kinichi Nojiro – now known as “a genius in sake making”- new techniques were implemented and sake quality improved year upon year, rather like a fine wine. This finally resulted in KOHRO – widely considered to be a front-runner in the sake elite.

Here’s what the sake masters have to say about their tipple:

We have contributed greatly to the development of ginjo brewing techniques employed throughout Japan, such as Nojiro-style skylights, utilisation of double-wall tanks in brewing, hanging bags for filtering sake, and No. 9 yeast developed by our brewery. We brew high-quality sake utilising traditional techniques focusing on the benefits of hand-made brewing.

These innovative chaps influenced sake brewing throughout Japan whilst staying true to their Kumamoto roots. Regional variations in food and drink production are celebrated in Japan and these renowned sake brewers use the best that Kumamoto-prefecture has to offer to create a sake that wins awards.

Mt. Aso Volcano National Park in Kyushu, Japan. - William Cho, FLICKR
KOHRO sake is made with the exquisite mineral water from the slopes of Mt. Aso

Notoriously tricky to get hold of (even in Japan), Tak and the team are delighted to be able to offer it to you at Japan Centre in store or online. Let’s take a look at the delectable sake you could be sipping:

Kumamotoken Shuzo Kenkyujo Kohro Junmai Ginjo Sake – The premium KOHRO offering made with the purest ingredients. Rare, coveted and of outstanding quality. Mild aroma of nashi pears and melons. Freshness reminiscent of mineral water. A lightly dry sake with a clean aftertaste. £68
Kumamotoken Shuzo Kenkyujo Kohro Ginjo SakeAromatic and full flavoured, a quality sake made with a little brewer’s alcohol. £43.30
Kumamotoken Shuzo Kenkyujo Kohro Tokubetsu Junmai Sake – Unique sake option made with distinctive ‘Shinriki’ rice. A perfect accompaniment to light meals. £27.20

So if you’re a sake superfan or just curious to know what beverage the God’s would drink, choose KOHRO from Japan Centre.