Bento It Up: Kawaii Bento Bits & Bobs at Japan Centre

With the sun shining down on the baffled but euphoric people of Blighty, we reckon it’s definitely bento season. Now you can learn how to use some of our favourite bento accessories with this handy guide.

Ele-fun SandwichesBento Cutters

Use bento cutters to style up all kinds of ingredients. They’re easy to use on bread, ham or cheese for anyone bento-ing with kids or on cooked vegetables for more advanced bento makers.

Bento cutters come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, which makes them great for other kinds of cooking too.

Torune Mamas Assist Food Cutters & Stamps

Maruki Bear Shaped Animal Food Cutters

How to Use

  • Pop your food on to a flat surface and press down with the cutter. Be very careful if cutting harder foods or using anything with sharp blades.
  • Use on eggs, sandwiches, cheese and more! You can also use some cutters for moulding rice too.

Fun Bento with Leaf PicksBento Picks

Bento picks help stop you getting sticky fingers and make little items that are hard to eat with chopsticks much easier to pick up.

They’re also a really fun way to decorate a bento in a cool way, especially when you’re short on time.

Torune Mamas Assist Happy Panda Bento Picks

Torune Mamas Assist Floating Animal Bento Picks

Torune Mamas Assist Standing Dog & Cat Bento Picks

Torune Leaf Bento Picks 

Torune Mamas Assist Chinese Astrology Bento Picks

Maruki Odd Combination Bento Picks

Torune Leaf Bento Picks

How to Use

  • Pop the picks into finger food like tomatoes, eggs or meatballs
  • Use picks to easily create a fun theme or decorate to make animal faces

Onigiri Moulds

Onigiri moulds are a super easy way to make you bento more fun.

Onigiri can be a little hard to make by hand for beginners, so moulds are a fool-proof and stress free way to try something new.


Arnest Panda Onigiri Rice Ball Set

Arnest Cat Onigiri Rice Ball Set

Arnest Baby Penguin Onigiri Rice Ball Set

How to Use

Smiley Face Nori BentoNori Punch & Kawaii Cutlery

Nori seaweed is not only delicious, it’s also really easy to decorate with.

Use nori punches to make quick and easy decorations for rice, ham or cheese, and gobble it up with cute cutlery.

Arnest Smiley Nori Seaweed Punch

Torune Mamas Assist Happy Panda Portable Cutlery Set

How to Use

  • Make sure your hands and the cutter are absolutely dry, otherwise you’ll only be making sad faces!
  • Lay the nori down on a flat surface and feed it into your punch. Press down hard and voila, your nori decoration is ready to use

Check out our full selection of kawaii new bento bits and bobs at Japan Centre Online. Inspired to make your own bento? We’d love to see them! Why not take a pic and send it to us on Twitter or Instagram

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