Give A Gift In Style – Japanese KitKat Message Boxes ON OFFER

Have a birthday, anniversary, wedding or any other joyful day with the obligation of a gift attached coming up? We’ve got just the thing for you…

With their out-of-the-box flavours and colourful designs, Japanese KitKats are a delight to all who encounter them. So we’re rather pleased to present these oh-so special KitKat gift boxes that you can personalise with your very own message. We’ve slapped a haiku on each one because we felt like it. Why not compose your very own haiku? Remember this ancient form of Japanese poetry goes like this: 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables.

Kit Kat haiku matcha

A definite favourite here at Japan Centre – matcha green tea KitKats make a surprising and exciting gift.
Shop Nestlé KitKat Matcha Green Tea Small Gift Box – ON OFFER

kit kat haiku strawberry

The ultimate in elegant confectionery-based gifts. Posh amaou strawberry flavoured KitKats are a charming way to say “I care” without having to go through the embarrassment of saying it out loud.
Shop Nestlé KitKat Amaou Strawberry Small Gift Box – ON OFFER


kit kat haiku hojicha

Hojicha is roasted green tea and becoming ever-more popular outside its native Japan. Paired with the crispy satisfaction of a KitKat and with the option of writing your own message, it might just be the best gift in the world.
Shop Nestlé KitKat ItoKyuemon Hojicha- ON OFFER

So make the most of our generous offer and choose these unique gifts next time you want to treat someone close to you. Fancy trying your hand at a haiku like we did? Please do! We’d love to see your poetry and are 482% sure you can do a better job than we did.

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