Snack Like A Legend! Japanese Rice Crackers & Snacks 20% Off

It’s time to move on from the boring old European snacks of yore and jazz up your cupboards like this colourful character. Japan Centre has the most exciting selection of Japanese rice crackers and snacks in the known universe – fact. With summer on the way, you’ll be wanting crunchy snacks with extra pizzazz, so we’ve discounted our whole selection by a whopping 20%. Let’s take a look at some of our faves…

Classic Snacks

Our bestselling rice cracker is the ready salted crisp of Japan, but a whole lot better. Dried, umami rich nori seaweed ensnares a soy flavoured rice cracker, resulting in the ultimate satisfying crunch. A must try.
Shop kamedaseika-seaweed-covered-rice-crackers-norimaki-senbei
You’ll see these being munched, crunched and devoured all over Japan. The Katakana script reads ‘sofuto sarada’ meaning ‘soft salad’ – which is deceptive as it is neither soft nor a salad. Regardless, these crunchy crackers are a great addition to your cupboard for sudden snack attacks.
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The darling of the Japanese confectionery world is undoubtedly Pocky, but have you tried its savoury brother Pretz? These moreish bad boys are the favourite of kids and adults alike in Japan, try ’em today.
Shop glico-salad-pretzel-sticks-pretz-sarada
Individually wrapped rice crackers make a snack that’s lighter and healthier than a bag of calorific crisps, with greater crunch than any potato based snack could ever muster up.
Shop kamedaseika-lightly-seasoned-fluffy-rice-crackers-happy-turn

Quirky Snacks

Have you ever been chomping on peanuts, paused, and thought: “God I wish this tasted more of octopus?” A resonding yes? Then these are the quirky Japanese snacks for you.
Shop kasugai-crispy-squid-peanuts-ika-piina
Celebrate cherry blossom season with these delicious and unique sakura pea snacks. How to eat? Find a tree in full bloom, plonk yourself under it and start snacking. You’ll reach nirvana in no time.
Shop tokunagaseika-sakura-pea-snacks
Whilst you may be familiar with wasabi and tempura as seperate entities, this intrepid snack blends both distinctive traits into one unbelievable moreish snack. You’ve got to taste it to believe it.
Shop daiko-tempura-wasabi-flavoured-seaweed-crisps-noriten-wasabi
Have a toothing baby? Make life easier for the wee scamp with these crackers specifically designed for little ‘uns with their first teeth emerging. The best part? You’re allowed to eat them too!
Shop kamedaseika-plain-haihain-teething-rice-crackers-haihain-pureen


We all know that few things go better together than curry and beer. In fact, nothing goes better together than curry and beer, except perhaps Japanese curry rice crackers and beer. Try this combo for a perfect summer snack.
Shop kamedaseika-joy-pack-curry-rice-crackers-kare-sen
Always popular at Japanese drinking parties, wasabi peas have a wonderful spiciness which accompanies the refreshing chill of a cool beer majestically.
Shop poppo-nuts-spicy-wasabi-peas
A totally classic combination of snacks and peanuts, you’ve gotsta try these with a chilled Sapporo to realise that Japanese know exactly how to snack like legends.
Shop kamedaseika-spicy-rice-crackers-with-peanuts-grab-bag-kaki-no-tane-super-fresh
Plum pretzel sticks… this may be the curveball of our recommendation list, but stick with us! Japanese ume plums are super tasty and have an interesting sour flavour that, paired with a Japanese craft beer, is one of ultimate sophistication.
Shop kabaya-plum-pretzel-sticks-kishuu-ume-puretseru

So make the most of 20% off our snacks and rice crackers (snackers) and fill up your cupboards with crunch and fridges with refreshing beer.

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