Otokomae – World’s Coolest Tofu Comes to Japan Centre

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It’s rare to see ‘cool’ and ‘tofu’ appear in the same sentence, but the Otokomae tofu team undoubtedly make this happen, with tofu that tastes out of this world. We’re proper chuffed to have our hands on brand new Otokomae products at Japan Centre

Otokomae are a young, Kyoto based company that have exploded in popularity throughout Japan, shaking up the traditional tofu market. Otokomae owner, who has affectionately become known as ‘Johnny’ says: “When I started my tofu business in Kyoto, I knew that I couldn’t compete with the so-called “shinise” or long-established tofu shops in Kyoto. I wanted to make a tofu that tasted different, and I successfully achieved the taste I wanted to produce after a lot of research and testing. I then thought that it would be a pity to sell this great tofu with general boring name.”

This clip from their website gives some insight into the mad and marvellous Otokomae minds.

The maverick nicknamed ‘Johnny’ came up with ‘Otokomae’, which generally translates as “cool” or “handsome guy” tofu. So what sets this tofu brand apart from the rest?
Fresh. Otokomae products are as fresh as it gets in the world of tofu.
Silky texture. These ultra-cool tofu distributers choose the best soy beans and a fine combination of sea-water and fresh water to create the super silky texture.
Loved in Japan. Whilst other tofu companies decline in popularity, Otokomae is doing better than ever – a testament to its superior quality.
Looks cool in the fridge. You don’t want to be looking at boring old packaging when fridge-gazing do you? Fill it with Otokomae and be dazzled.

So let’s take a look at some of the new Otokomae tofu at Japan Centre shall we?

tofu - good boy tofu - naive boy
Shop ‘Good Boy’ Otokomae Soft Tofu.
He may be soft, but damn is he good.
Shop ‘Naive Boy’ Otokomae Creamy Tofu.
Show this creamy naive boy a thing or two by tossing him in a salad or stir fry.
tofu - handsome ken tofu - strong ken
Shop ‘Handsome Ken’ Premium Tofu.
This handsome tofu is a definite right-swipe on Tinder, and his creamy texture might tempt you into making a long-term commitment.
Shop ‘Strong Ken’ Premium Tofu.
He’s packed full of powerful flavour and protein power – if you like them tough, Strong Ken’s your man.
tofu - three guys in a row tofu - truck guy
Shop ‘Three Guys in a Row’ Tofu.
Why limit yourselves? Get a tripling of charming tofu fellas and see which one does it for you. The tagline reads: ‘you looked at me, didn’t you?’ Well, didn’t you?
Shop ‘Truck Guy Tofu’.
If you like ’em from the wrong side of the track, ‘Truck Guy Tofu’ is your guy. With strong, unforgiving flavour, this tofu doesn’t make the dish – it is the dish.

So check out our complete Otokomae selection and convert to tofu that’s tasty, stylish and effortlessly cool.

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