Haha No Hi: Mother’s Day at Japan Centre


Where would we all be without our Mums eh? Literally nowhere, which is why a day honouring our wonderful Mothers is a day to be celebrated. Join us as we peek behind the frilly curtain of Mother’s Day in Japan and find out what great gifts we have right here at Japan Centre.

Whilst ‘Haha No Hi’ sounds like someone being frantically tickled, it actually means ‘Mother’s Day’, ‘Haha’ being an affectionate and personal term for ‘Mother’.

Mother’s Day in Japan was first a celebrated in line with Empress Kojun – Mum of Emperor Akihito – on 6 March, but was later readjusted to fit in with the Yanks’ Mother’s Day in May. But no matter in the US, Japan or right here in Blighty, it’s dead important to honour our Mum’s, so today we’re asking; how best to celebrate this Hahappy day?

はな – Flowers

As this genki (energetic) lass demonstrates, a traditional gift for Japanese Mums is a blooming bunch of beautiful flowers, especially carnations. Japan goes carnation crazy during this time, with flowery displays popping up all over shopping centres like floral explosions. Busy travelling businessmen and women can order the perfect bunch to be sent to their Mums in time for ‘Haha No Hi’ – might not be quite as personal as a hug, but a nice gesture nonetheless.

チョコ – Choccys 

Does anything say love better than some super delicious choccy? Well, lots of things, but chocolate is always a welcome addition. These galavanting gals are evidently super keen on their Mums, brandishing packets of Ghana, Japan’s favourite choccy treat.

If you wanna present a present in similarly kawaii style, remember you can grab Ghana choccy right here at Japan Centre. Say “Ha-pi Ghana, to Mama!”

ギフトセット & レシピ – Gift Sets & Recipes  

It can be tricky getting Mother-Dearest the perfect prezzie. You don’t want anything that will make her feel old (that’s knitting needles and cat-shaped tea-cosys out the window then). That’s why we’ve created some funky and fantastic gift sets and picked out some elegant Japanese dishes that will have your Mum charmed. She may just secretly declare that you are in fact, her favourite child.

In honour of this year’s super cute zodiac, we’ve coupled this kawaii sheep with some quality Pocky for a memorable Mother’s Day.
Shop Mumsy’s Treats & Sheep Gift Set
This is the ultimate selection if you want to really impress Mum and outdo your siblings this year. Premium matcha powder, Beschle Matcha Chocolate and Matcha Jelly Cake will be sure to charm tea loving Mums.
Shop Marvellous Matcha for Mum Gift Set
Beschle are the go to choice for luxury chocolates. Surprise and delight your Mum with a family of Beschl flavours, inlcuding Lassie and Matcha.
Shop Beschle Chocolate Bar Set
Fabulous Gyokuro Premium Quality Japanese Green Tea is a gift for Mum that keeps on giving. The distinctive flavour will conjur up images of you everytime she has a brew, and the matching floral cannister will look ever so fancy on the counter.
Shop Mum’s Luxury Tea Time Gift Set
tasty sushi Chawanmushi-Steamed-Savoury-Egg-Custard-2
We think a delicious and surprising meal cooked with love is the ultimate expression of gratitude on Mother’s Day. With this luxury tamagoyaki recipe you can rustle up a delicious and elegant dish for Mumsy.
Let’s cook! Special Occasion Japanese Omelette Crepes
 With eggs being the perfect symbol of parenthood, dishes like this chawanmushi – savoury egg custard – are especially popular around Haha No Hi. This surprising dish is fun to prepare and quite the showstopper; whip one up and show your Mum what a culinary superstar you are.
Let’s cook! Special Occasion Prawn Chawanmushi

So bring Haha No Hi happiness to Mother’s Day festivities this year with Japan Centre delights.