You’re A Doll, Empress: Everything for a Happy Hina Matsuri!


Held on the 3rd of March every year, Hina Matsuri is a day on which families across Japan wish for health and happiness for their young daughters. Perhaps most famous for the beautiful arrangements of hina-ningyo dolls that are displayed in homes or at certain shrines, Hina Matsuri means dolls’ festival. Hina Matsuri is not just about beautiful dolls, though. There’s also loads of delicious food too! So scroll down to learn all about the essentials you need to make a Hina Matsuri meal fit for an empress.

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Our 2015 Hina Matsuri special recipe! Chakin-Sushi with a chirashi rice filling, a fun and elegant Hina Matsuri dish  This Hina Matsuri flower shaped sushi is the ultimate in kawaii cuisine! A perfect treat for young girls on the day which honours them. 
These tasty crackers come in seasonally appropriate packing- shop kawaii hinaraare crackers! More super cute savoury treats for Hina Matsuri – shop kawaii hinaraare crackers!

Shop Tohato Peach Caramel Corn Bites – Limited Edition Hinamatsuri Option

Shop Tohato Caramel Corn Bites – Limited Edition Hinamatsuri Option

Chirashi sushi is the ultimate hinamatsuri dish- shop Ichibiki Gomoku Chirashi Sushi Rice Mix Rustle up chirashi sushi – shop Mizkan Chirashi Sushi Seasoning now
Azuki and rice is a dish for celebrations – shop Imuraya Sekihan Azuki Bean Rice Mix Chestnuts are mad popular in Japan and make a great celebration dish – shop Ichibiki Readymade Chestnut Rice

So if you want to celebrate the girls this year, check out our full selection of Hina Matsuri goodies at Japan Centre.