Learn How To Use Chopsticks – Cleverstix for Kids Edition

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Mastering chopsticks is an invaluable skill, especially in this day and age where amazing food from the East grows more popular every year. We’ve got our hands on an ingenious invention for kids – Cleverstix – which help young learners get to grips with chopsticks from an early age. . .

What are Cleverstix? 

For young ‘uns, even using a knife and fork can be a messy task that can result in spaghetti on the ceiling, let alone introducing them to chopsticks. Cleverstix are a fantastic concept- described by the company as “an ergonomic design which takes the concept of chopsticks and re-applies it specifically for small hands with dedicated finger and thumb rings”.

See them in action:

And it’s not just learning how to eat rice like a pro, there are a bunch of other benefits for Cleverstix kids:

· Improve concentration: focus on the challenge of picking up food

· Develop handwriting grip: special ergonomic design replicates grasping a pen

· Advance fine motor skills: hand-eye co-ordination enhances pincer dexterity

· Learn chopstick control: the advanced ‘next generation’ of training chopsticks

· Endorsed by The Science Museum 

· Featuring appealing characters including Hello Kitty, Kung Fu Panda and The Science Museum robot

Not to mention that they are great fun! Our Svet from online lent them to her kids, who were smitten right from the start – her 4 year old referred to them as “her scissors” and even insisted she take them to nursery with her.

So where can you buy these ingenious, educational, enjoyable pincers for kids? Why, right here at Japan Centre of course!

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Get Science Museum CleverstiX Chopsticks Get Hello Kitty CleverstiX Chopsticks Get Kung Fu Panda CleverstiX Chopsticks

Remember, it’s not just Cleverstix for kids at Japan Centre. Our half term selection is full of fun, interactive and educational items for kids, such as origami kits and bento boxes.

Below, you’ll see what parents are saying about Cleverstix.

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