Next Day Delivery – Now Available!

There are occasions where your Japan Centre supplies just can’t come quick enough, gosh darn-it. Whether you’re throwing a last minute Japanese style party or just can’t wait to get your experimenting hands on that new yuzu, konbu or sansho, our lightening fast nifty-as-a-ninja next day delivery service will sort your right out.

 Like all the best things in life, this cheeky option has a few T&C attached:
– Currently valid for UK mainland customers only. Sorry Irish folk, that pesky sea in between us really slows things down (we’re working on amphibious vans).
– Please order before 9am Monday-Thursday. A lovely activity before the morning commute.
– Next day delivery costs £6.50 for up to 30 kg. We’d give it to you free but our ninjas get knackered!
Click here to make the most of our next day delivery service.

And remember, in a mad bout of generosity we’ve also slashed our standard delivery prices down to £5.50 and Saturday delivery before noon to £14.50. So shop now for the Japanese goodies you love and have them delivered to your door in style.