A Japanese Diet For 2015! Detox Month At Japan Centre

The decadence of Christmas and New Year’s is now officially behind us! January is the time to purge the toxins, take up that invigorating new activity and of course, eat and drink the right things. Here at Japan Centre, we’ll be helping you along with some suggestions, including blog posts and recipes.

Green tea smoothie on wooden table, natural backdrop

To kick things off with our month of healthy living, we’ve devised a selection of recipes for uniquely Japanese matcha smoothies, packed full of vitamins, that will have you galloping to work with enthusiasm usually reserved for youthful deer or Graham Norton.

We’ve also created a special blog post, detailing how you can become a sushi master in 2015! Known throughout the world for its health benefits, delicious sushi may be the key for your health regime in 2015.

As the month goes on, we’ll be providing you with recipes for  healthy and harmonious Japanese dishes, including the traditional nutritious Japanese breakfast. We’ll also be casting our eye on health foods from Japan that we stock right here at Japan Centre, such as tofu, shirataki and seaweed.

Have a look at what else we’ve got for you:

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