Become A Sushi Master in 2015!

New Year is the time for resolutions! Don’t pick something daft like daily pogo-sticking or learning to play the bassoon. Instead, master the art of sushi, with the help of Japan Centre!

Tipped to take over the sandwich, sushi is the Japanese sensation that is loved worldwide. Increasingly, sushi lovers are trying their hand at preparing their own nigiri, inari or oshizushi at home. And why not? It’s fun, you can choose the ingredients to suit your tastes and it’s not nearly as complicated as many people think! Of course, every master requires exquisite tools, like King Arthur’s Excalibur or Handy Andy’s hammer. That’s where we come in. We’ve got all the tools and ingredients you need to whip out winning sushi every time.

Sushi Making Kits

The easiest way to start your journey on the yellow brick road to sushi mastery is to grab one of our specially designed sushi making kits.

Our Sushi Kit for Beginners is the ideal way to jump on board the train to sushiville. It’s got all the key ingredients you need, including nori seaweed and pickled ginger.

This Sushi Tool Kit is recommended by our staff for budding sushi makers. Comes complete with a wooden paddle, sushi moulds, bamboo mat for rolling sushi and two gorgeous ceramic plates for serving in style, all at an affordable price.

Our Oshizushi Making Kit makes rustling up pressed sushi an absolute doddle. Included is a beautifully designed wooden sushi press and a recipe with suggestions for how to prepare your oshizushi.

Nigiri sushi, where ingredients (including raw fish, but anything you like really) are placed on top of sticky rice, is one of the most popular sushi varieties. This Nigiri Sushi Making Kit is the whole shebang – with key ingredients and tools for serving top notch nigiri.

Master Sets

These bad boys are the ultimate in sushi making sets. With the finest tools included, you’ll be crafting sushi fit for Royalty. Providing the Queen and dear Phillip have mastered the art of chopsticks that is…

The Prince Set comes with ornate ceramic sushi serving plates – certain to be a more refined dining option than spag bol’ or mac’n’cheese.

The King Set includes divine sapphire serve-wear a splendid sashimi grade knife.

Our premium sushi set selection. The Emperor Set has eight divine leaf shaped dishes accompany a selection of sushi making essentials, all alongside a wooden crafted serving bowl.

Invidual Items

If you don’t fancy committing to a whole set, we’ve got all the individual bits and pieces you need to become a sushi sensation. You can get tools like our makisu rolling mat, bamboo sushi paddle and sushi moulds. Check out our full selection here.

If it’s the key ingredients you’re after, look no further. We’ve nori seaweed, Japanese rice, sushi vinegar, wasabi, pickled ginger and more. You can even grab sashimi grade fish from our stores in Piccadilly and Stratford. It’s so fresh it might just come alive and start flapping around in your shopping bag!


Japan Centre online is brimming with brilliant recipes that we’ve been busy beavering away at for the past few years. Included in this selection are some sushi recipes that should serve as inspiration on your journey towards sushi mastery.

Rice is, of course, fundamental to the sushi making process. This recipe clearly explains how to rustle up the finest Japanese rice and how to magically transform it into sushi rice with no wizadry, just a spoon and some vinegar!

You’ll probably already be familiar with Maki Sushi Rolls. These bite sized morsels of deliciousness are a fantastic meal or snack and are easy to prepare following our simple recipe.

Classic Nigiri Sushi is aesthetically pleasing, wonderfully healthy and oh so simple. Try your hand at it, sushi-master-to-be, with our very own recipe.

It’s not just these classics that we’ve prepared recipes for. For you sushi lovers who err on the wackier side of the bamboo paddle, try our sweet sushi rolls, flower sushi or even our sushi cupcake!

Sushi Making Classes

Sushi Making

Our monthly sushi making classes are the perfect opportunity to try your hand at becoming a sushi master. Expertly led by our very own Kinu Yukawa, these sushi classes will instill the technique and confidence you need to make superb sushi.  Find out more information here.

As you can see, here at Japan Centre, we’ve got everything you need to become a sushi master! And once you’ve got the skills in your hands, you’ll be able to share the gift with your sushi loving friends and family. So now there’s no excuse – 2015 will be the year you mastered sushi!