New Year! New Sake!

It’s the quintessential tipple of Japan. Loved throughout the country and gradually becoming adored all over the world, sake is the drink of the moment. Japan Centre has the greatest selection of sake in the whole of Europe! And we’ve just got hold of some shiny new ones! So how about making your New Year’s celebrations extra special with some stonkingly good sake from Japan Centre?

New Sakes!

Now available online, we’ve got our hands on some sensational new sake varieties. So now you can simply order on our website and get these sakes delivered to your door, wherever you are!

Marumoto Shuzo Organic Sake

We’re ludicrously excited to have our hands on this ORGANIC sake, rather a rarity in the sake world. It’s made with 100% organic rice in Okayama prefecture. It’s light and fruity and can be served hot or cold. A wholesome beverage to see in the New Year!






Honda Shoten Tatsuriki Refined Sake

This bad boy not only looks the part, it’s also an award winner! One of the joys of sake is its versatility with regards to the temperature it’s served at. This refined sake won gold at at the Slow Food Japan’s annual warm sake contest! So as the countdown begins to the New Year, why not warm up with a champion sake!





Wakatakeya Tani Junmai Ginjo Sake

New Year’s Eve is a special occasion! It doesn’t come around every… year… ahem. Still, you want to make sure you have a quality beverage in your hand when you enter the New Year. Look no further. The amount the rice is polished before brewing directly correlates with the quality of the sake. Wakatakeya polish their rice down to 50% its original size, resulting in a premium sake that’s sensational served hot or cold.

Peruse all of our new sakes here.


Classic Sakes!

Don’t forget about our old favourites!


 Gekkeikan Moon Seishu Sake 2l

This is an example of “futsu-shu”table drinking sake! This is no nonsense sake that’s great for New Year parties! Why not order one of our sushi platters, pick up a couple of cartons of Gekkeikan Moon Seishu Sake and see in the New Year, Japan style.

Ozeki Dry Sake

Not a fan of sweeter tipples? This dry sake is a favourite in Japan that accompanies classic Japanese drinking cuisine perfectly. How about rustling up some karaage and enjoying Ozeki Dry Sake on ice?


TOP CHOICE! Gekkeikan Horin Junmai Daiginjo Sake

If you’re looking for a top quality sake for your New Year’s extravaganza, this is the one. ‘Junmai Daiginjo’ is the highest quality sake you can find. It’s completely pure, with no brewed alcohol added. Not only is this sake a competition winner, it’s the top choice of our in store sake sommelier Naoyuki and even the president of Gekkeikan, Haruhiko Okura, who claims this tipple has him feeling “happy and relaxed.” Put simply, this is an elixir that would please the Gods. Gekkeikan are sake royalty and have a huge range of products, exclusively offered by Japan Centre. You can see our full range of Gekkeikan at Japan Centre online, or find out more in our very own blog post on Gekkeikan.

 Serving Sake!

So you’ve seen some of the sublime sake we have on offer. But how best to serve this amazing elixir?

One of our sake serving sets is just the ticket! The sake dispenser is know as a “tokkuri”, and traditionally was placed in a pot of boiling water if serving the sake hot (though in these futuristic times a microwave does the trick). The drinking cups are known as ochoko and are favoured by sake purists as they don’t impair the flavour of the sake. You can also opt for the traditional wooden masu serving cup, an equally pleasant way to enjoy sake. Just remember to fill the masu to the very top, as this symbolises prosperity.



Sake Sets!

Still stuck for choice? Our specially designed sake sets make it super easy. Quality sake coupled with traditional serving vessels make the ideal New Year’s selection for couples and groups alike.




Sake Cocktails!

Now you have an idea of our huge range of sakes, why not try getting creative? We’ve gotten experimental and designed some delectable Japanese sake cocktails that are perfect for a New Year’s Eve party! Try these unique concoctions to make this New Year’s celebrations the most memorable yet, so long as you don’t go overboard of course, and lose your memory altogether!





As you can see, Japan Centre online is brimming with options for the best sake fuelled New Year’s Eve! But it’s not just sake on offer, we’ve some premium beers, sweet umeshu, unique shochu and tempting soft drinks too. So order online for the perfect New Year’s party.

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