Funky New KitKat Flavours

We’re delighted to have our paws on 7 wonderfully wacky new KitKat flavours. So dare to be a little different, and check out our stupendous selection at Japan Centre.

1. Matcha Green Tea

matcha green teaSince time immemorial, green tea has been the quintessential taste of East Asia. Now this unique and enchanting flavour is captured in KitKat form! Its beautiful green colouring is matcha’d (see what we did there) by the vibrant taste of green tea.

2. Wasabi

wasabiCasually start munching on one of these wasabi KitKats and you’re sure to leave your friends dumbfounded. Everyone’s favourite sushi condiment has the potential to knock your socks clean off, but in KitKat form it’s subtle and delicious.

3. Purple Sweet Potato 

purple sweet potatoHugely popular in Japan, the sweet potato is loved for its versatility and charming flavour. This zaney purple version is sweet and chic, a colourful KitKat that’s a glorious accompaniment to a nice cuppa tea.

4. Hojicha- Roasted Green Tea


The civilised flavour of roasted hojicha green tea is expertly captured in this sophisticated KitKat. We think of it as the ultimate in KitKat refinement, and thus the KitKat gentleman. 

5. Strawberry


If hojicha KitKat flavour is Stephen Fry, then strawberry is Katy Perry. Fun, flirty and full of flavour, this bubblegum pink KitKat is perfect for those of you with a sweet tooth.

6. Chilli

chilliThis fiery bad boy has really got us hot under the collar. Enticing dark chocolate with a chilli kick, this is one KitKat not to give to Nana.

7. Azuki Red Bean Sandwich

azuki red beanThis KitKat curveball is bound to get tongues wagging. The azuki red bean is a well loved little character that pops up in all sorts of sweet and savoury Japanese dishes. In its latest incarnation, it’s been popped in a sarny and transmorphed into a KitKat. What does it taste like? Only one way to find out.

 The zany, crazy and magical KitKats at Japan Centre make a wonderful addition to parties and- dare we say it- a cute and eclectic Christmas present. These are available in packs of 12, individually or in charming selection sets.

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