What’s Your Sushi Idea? – Win a Sushi Press!

Greetings, Japan fans!

At Japan Centre, we love seeing “Japanophiles” express their love for Japan in any way imaginable, be that through making delicious Japanese meals, learning the amazing Japanese language, or buying great Japanese food. Today we want to celebrate the sushi makers (whether experienced or new and budding) among you, and are thus delighted to formally announce Japan Centre’s first ever…




Here are some details:

What Exactly Is a Sushi Love Competition?

flickr ric_w makizushiApart from a title that sounds like the name of a wacky game show, we mean. Well, to put it simply, we would like you to invent a new kind of sushi. And by a new kind of sushi, we mean something that has never been seen before, but has flavours that you think would work well together. For example, what about a kind of sushi that combines Japanese and Indian cuisine? Or perhaps a sushi that uses Japanese ingredients not normally associated with sushi? Or how about a type of sushi that could be eaten for dessert? Whatever it is, we want you tell us about it, and extra points may or may not be given if you attempt to make this amazing new sushi yourself and send us a photo of it. Our expert team of Japan Centre judges and critics will then choose the best entry, and that contestant will win our wonderful prize.

What Is This Prize of Which You Speak?

sushi-press-prizeThe winner of our competition will receive a fabulous CNB Wooden Sushi Press with Rice Paddle and Rolling Mat; an extremely handy device for making oshizushi (pressed rectangles of rice with salmon or other such fillings on top) and makizushi (sushi rolls). This is a great piece of equipment for any sushi maker or sushi fan to have, and since we only have one to give away, we want to make sure it goes to the most promising sushi inventer we can find.



This Sounds Amazing! How Do I Enter?

flickr Pedro Moura Pinheiro sushi boardTo enter is easy! All you have to do is leave a comment below this entry, or on either our Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #JCSushiLove any time before midnight on Sunday 24th August, detailing your sushi idea. You can also include other details, such as photos (if you do try to make this sushi for yourself), drawings, or indeed recipes, because if we like your idea enough, we on the panel might want to try and make your fabulous sushi too!


What Will Happen After That?

flickr KimonoClub flower sushi After the submission deadline has passed, the Japan Centre judging panel will gather around, put our thinking bandanas on and pick a winner. We will then announce our winner here, on Twitter, on Facebook, and along the nearby city streets. We will then privately message our winner by whichever medium they used to submit their entry, and arrange to have their lovely new sushi press sent to them.




All right sushi chefs and conjurers! Enter those sushi mindsets and get inventing!


Thanks to KimonoClub, ric_w, Pedro Moura Pinheiro and TMAB2003 at Flickr for the sushi images.

And the Winner is…

We are pleased to announce that the Sushi Love Competition winner was Kit, whose original entry, photo and recipe for her incredible haggis sushi can be seen in the comments below.

Take a look at Kit breaking out her fabulous new sushi press! And when you’re done with that, take a look at Kit’s other amazing bento box ideas and be inspired!