One Bird on a Shirt! Football in Japan

One Bird on a Shirt!


While the chances of ‘football coming home’ are looking dimmer for both England and Japan, you can still learn about how Japan does the great game and get some great offers on some great snacks!


Sport in Japan

Japan is famous for being home to a wide range of sports. Jujutsu, kyudo and kendo are all home grown sports that now have participants from all over the world. But what about more spectator oriented sports? Baseball, football, golf and sumo all have very big followings.

Japan has had an official football organisation since 1921 and first entered the World Cup Qualifiers in 1954. Their men’s team has yet to be world cup winners, however the women’s team are current reigning world champions winning the Women’s World Cup in Germany in 2011!

Football Culture

Japanese Izakaya
Japanese Izakaya

How is football enjoyed in Japan? Well, there’s one big difference… it’s called ‘soccer’. Japan too is another victim to the bitter rivalry between football and handegg (sorry!).

More seriously though, Japan’s pub equivalent, izakayas are not really the kind of places sports fans gather. Unlike British pub viewing of football or other sports, sports bars or similar are not as popular in Japan. So for fans without a TV this can be a real problem! However tickets for sporting events in Japan can be cheaper in general than their UK equivalents, so many fans simply attend games at the stadium. Although you can still hand over mega-dosh for primo seats, especially for sumo.

Brazil vs Netherlands fans in the U.K.
World Cup Fever in London

Recently Japanese football fans have won praise at the World Cup for cleaning up their area of the stadium after a match against the Ivory Coast in which Japan lost. Generally football fans from Japan are considered well mannered, especially compared with European fans. There were some incidents when Japan hosted the World Cup in 2002, such as a phonebox being busted up after Japan was knocked out, but hooliganism is not at all common.

What about when World Cup rolls around?Japan Team Spirit

When games are a little further afield many Japanese football fans like to party at home. Beer, rice crackers, wasabi peas, they’re all popular half time snacks! For anyone who wants to party Japan style, we’re offering up to 20% off all kinds of Japanese snacks, as well as Japanese beer for the duration of the World Cup!

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