Must Try Heat Beating Cheats From Japan

Must Try Heat Beating Cheats From Japan


Phew, summer has finally arrived! If you’re already melting like a microwaved ice lolly, read on to learn how Japan beats the heat!


umai curry, v. umai!Eat Well

In the hot weather it’s easy to skip meals or eat less than you should. But Japan knows that when the weather’s a scorcher that’s exactly the time when you need to eat up! There are lots of ‘stamina’ dishes designed to give you energy back at the end of a long hot day. Our favourite is the ever delicious katsu curry, these ones are the new, improved curries at umai deli Japan Centre Piccadilly, just in time for summer!


Want to Get Cool? Go Hot!Bathtime!

Before the advent of delicious, delicious air conditioning one of the best ways to cool off for the evening in Japan was taking a hot bath! While you have to a bit careful not to become the first person ever to get heat stroke in a bath, warming up a little bit in the water will make you feel much cooler when you get out. If that doesn’t work for you, you can always join last year’s fad for freezer diving.


Ice BoxStick it in the Freezer

Ok, so this is not such a ‘traditional’ tip but as denizens of countries that also enjoy summer scorchers similar to Japan will tell you, there is little better than iced confections!  But it doesn’t have to be all ice cream. Frozen KitKats or Pocky are seriously delicious, there are even specially designed potato chips you can stick in the freezer to get a savoury hit.


Think CoolCool, breezy wind chimes

This may not sound so effective, but it’s been working for Japan for many centuries! Traditional summer wagashi desserts often have water themes inspired this to help you mentally cool off. Other popular alternatives include wind chimes so you notice the breeze and telling scary stories to give your self a cold chill! You can also put yokan wagashi in the fridge or freezer to create a more literally chilled treat.

Japan Centre has everything you need to keep cool and eat in style this summer. Why not dig into some chilled somen noodles, frosty sake or cooling green tea?

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Thanks to fto mizno at Flickr for the photo of the outdoor bath
Thanks to きうこ at Flickr for the photo of the wind chimes
Thanks to minato kaidou at Flickr for the photo of the old ice box