Shio-Koji – The Secret Marinade That’s Full of Flavour


Shio-koji has been sweeping Japan by storm recently, but what is it? How can you use it? What makes it so delicious? Discover the secret marinade that you’ve loved all along!


Innoculating Rice with Koji Spores

The Secret of Everything Delicious!

Miso, soy sauce, sake, mirin – what do these all have in common? Well, they all taste pretty amazing, but more importantly, they’re also all made with koji!

Koji is a type of fungus that’s used in fermentation for many Japanese condiments, spirits and pickled products. When koji works its magic, it converts proteins in the food into amino acids giving it that distinct ‘umami’ taste that’s so irresistible!



Shio koji is made by mixing the koji fungus with steamed rice and salt, then letting it mature. The koji begins to break down the rice releasing deliciousness, but the salt stops your marinade from becoming a tiny jar of sake moonshine.

What do I do with it?Beautiful Shio Koji Marinated Fish

Using shio-koji couldn’t be easier!

  1. Just pick your fish, meat, tofu or vegetables
  2. Marinate
  3. Wipe off and cook! Or for pickled veggies, just rinse and enjoy.

You can find a full recipe using shio koji as a marinade on our site. Try Steamed Fish with Shio Koji or for something a little more indulgent,  Shio Koji Kara Age Chicken.

You can also use shio koji to add extra flavour to sauces in place of salt. Anything that could do with a little extra boost of umami, dressings, stir fries and more are all great candidates for a dollop of shio koji.

BBQ!All you Need for BBQ Season!

It’s not just Japanese food that shio koji is great for. Yup, when barbeque season rolls around and you want to make sure your steak or pork chops are tender and delicious even after a British BBQ briquette ordeal, shio koji is fantastic. The same enzymes that make it so nice also help to tenderise your meat too!



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