Make Everything Delicious: How to use Japanese Mayonnaise

Confounding, delicious. If you've got a bottle of Japanese mayo staring at you from the back of a cupboard or shelf, here's how to use it.

Which mayo is for me?

Kewpie Dolls Getting Ready to Party! Japanese mayonnaise tends to have a richer, but lighter flavour than the standard English type,  kind of like crossing salad cream and mayonnaise. However this doesn't really do justice to this addictive seasoning! There are a few different brands of Japanese mayonnaise, but the most popular is undoubtedly QP. Named after Kewpie dolls (really!) , even leading NY chef David Chang has called it "the best mayonnaise in the world"! There are a few different kinds:
  • Original Kewpie - Made using egg yolk only, apple and malt vinegar, and spices. There are a couple of different sizes, some people like to pop the smaller ones in a bag to take with them when they're out and about, so they always have Kewpie!
  • Spicy Karashi Kewpie - Classic Kewpie mayonnaise with a hint of spicy karashi Japanese mustard. Fantastic when your dish needs a bit of pep.
  • Light Kewpie - Great taste with just 50kcal per 15g! A good choice when you want tangy mayo but have a meal that's already calorie heavy.
  • Zero Cholesterol Kewpie - Low kcal like light Kewpie, but with no cholesterol. Great for dieting when you want some flavour, but don't want to add extra calories.


Yakisoba Stir fried noodles in a deliciously tangy, sweet-savoury sauce, Japanese mayonnaise is the classic condiment for this great dish. Yakisoba is a popular dish at festivals and events, if you fancy making your own you can find everything you need, as well as our recipe here. Recommended Kewpie: Spicy Karashi Kewpie, Original Kewpie - - - - -


A 'savoury' pancake with whatever you feel like griddled up, brushed with brown sauce and topped with bonito flakes and aosa green nori. This dish is really flavourful, but the Kewpie helps to give it that extra umami kick. There are several different kinds of to try, why not try making your own Okonomiyaki Savoury PancakesHiroshima Okonomiyaki or Halloween Ominous Okonomiyaki? Recommended Kewpie: Light KewpieZero Cholesterol Kewpie -

Potato Salad

Potato Salad Potato salad may conjure up images of grandma picnics, but it's amazing what a difference a little bit of Japanese mayonnaise can make. Potato salad is very popular as a bento filler in Japan, as well as in sandwiches, and its light fluffy texture is sure to appeal. Recommended Kewpie: Spicy Karashi KewpieOriginal Kewpie - - - - -

Hirata BunsHirata Buns

Inspired by Taiwanese classic gua bao, these fluffy morsels of steamed bread stuffed with meat, salad and delicious sauces are ramen shop and street food favourites. Japanese mayonnaise is the perfect dressing to match the rich sticky sweet char siu pork or crunchy tempura fillings. Recommended Kewpie: Spicy Karashi KewpieOriginal Kewpie


Domino’s Japan Mayo Potato Pizza Pizza and mayo may not be the first combination that springs to mind, but try this once and you'll never be able to go back! Japanese mayonnaise is a very popular pizza topping in Japan and it's a great way to add a creamy flavour without using dairy products. Recommended Kewpie: Spicy Karashi KewpieOriginal KewpieLight KewpieZero Cholesterol Kewpie - - - If we've got you inspired try Japanese mayo, leave us a comment and let us know how you like your Kewpie!

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 EDIT: Kewpie Mayoterrace has now opened in Tokyo, Japan!  Mayoterrace! You can experience the wonders such as learning about how Kewpie is made inside the Mayonnaise Dome, a room shaped like a giant Kewpie bottle! Check it out!    
Thanks to pelican at flickr for the image of the kewpie dolls