Oh My Gummy! Let’s Make Popin’ Cookin’

Popin' Cookin'!

Have you heard of popin’ cookin’? This candy craze has been sweeping the internet (well the tumblr-y, youtube-y parts anyway) where you use a kit to make your own sweets or savoury snacks. Most are gummy sweets in the shape of something different, like fruit gummy shaped like sushi! However some, like the curry kits, make real, tiny, portions of whichever food it’s meant to be! Whoa! Interested? Join us as we attempt (and fail miserably) to create our very own Popin’ Cookin’ masterpiece!

Popin’ Cookin’ Candy Bento Set

Popin’ Cookin’ Candy Bento Set

The Popin’ Cookin’ bento set offers a good mix of sweet types with gummy veg, soda flavoured onigiri and orange flavoured kara age chicken (with a texture between gummy and chewy cotton candy), and grape flavoured soft spaghetti. Despite our incompetence this kit is actually very straight forward, but we’d definitely recommend helping out any younger kids making this to avoid tears.

When we first started this blog post, we wanted to create a useful guide to making Popin’ Cookin’ items (also we LOVE gifs), but unfortunately our results were less than appetizing or instructional. So rather than telling you how to make this, let our disaster serve as some tips on what NOT to do.

1. Get Crazy with the WaterPour Dat Mizu

Make sure you double check how much water you add to each section, it’s easy to mis-read and end up gummy soup! *cries* If you added the right amount of water but your gummy is looking a bit wibbly wobbly still, leave it a bit longer. Worst comes to the worst and it gets too gummy you can just pry it out and straight into your mouth!

2. Stir Like You’ve Never Stirred BeforeStir That Tamagoyaki!

The mixture will start to set as soon as you add the water, so get stirring quick! If you don’t there’s a chance your gummy will end up all lumpy, as was our fatal mistake with…

On the other hand, be careful with your mixing. Get too enthusiastic and you’ll have candy overboard, and end up with tama-broc-onigiri.Nooo..... our rice ;__;

3. Be Careful with Your Pouring

Makin' brocolli~

If you’re a ‘colour outside the lines’ kind of guy or gal don’t worry too hard about this, but it’s quite easy to go crazy with the pouring and get multi-coloured gummy. The bento candy set comes with ‘sesame’ for the panda onigiri and it’s really easy to get it everywhere! Also, unlike the gummy mix it doesn’t dissolve, so you can make candy goma-ae if your really want to get arty. (This is what we decided happened when we got ‘hairy’ broccoli.)

Sprinkling on the 'sesame'

4. Onigiri Overboard

The onigiri sweets are slightly different to the gummy hotdogs and tamagoyaki and you will need to roll it for a little longer than expected to shape it as it’s super springy! So don’t be afraid of pressing down quite hard to get a nice outline for the panda face and nori pattern for the onigiri. On the other hand, don’t mash too hard with the fork when you’re rolling the ears in the sesame. Our panda ended up a little… flat.

Our last and final tip is: Don’t cut the hole too big on the spaghetti bag. It will NOT look like spaghetti…

How to Actually Make Your Gummy Bento Look Amazing!

How to Make Popin' Cookin' Bento Set

Here are the proper instructions by Kracie! Pretty much puts our efforts to shame, we strongly recommend you print out a copy and have it with you while you’re popin’ cookin’. You can also check out the expert video below for more guidance.

Think you could do better than us? Know you could do better!? Check out the range of DIY candy kits available at Japan Centre. Our fave is the sushi candy set, but they’re all pretty great.

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