New From Japan – Refresh Yourself

New From Japan - Refresh Yourself

If you ask a Japanese person what best represents summer for them, along with cicadas, summer matsuri (festivals) and yutaka,  ramune is sure to get a mention! Ramune is an incredibly iconic soft drink, but it’s not the only one. We recently added loads of cool new drinks to Japan Centre, so take a look at all the new flavours!

Melon Soda

Sangaria Melon Soda

Melon soda is completely delicious, but not actually very melon-y. Often a completely amazing (and slightly startling) green colour melon soda tends to have a slightly less ‘sticky’ sweet flavour than actual melons, making it perfect refreshment on a warm day.


Grape Soda

Sangaria Grape Ramu Bottle

You might think of grape soda as an exclusively U.S. or Caribbean drink, but Japan loves grape soda too! Much like its Western counterpart, Japanese grape soda doesn’t taste overly of actual grape taste, but is still amazingly moreish. If you like grape candy or grape gummy, you’ll be right at home with this drink.




Chu-hai is usually (but not always) made with shochu and a fizzy soda or juice mixer. A very popular alternative to beer or whiskey, chu-hai is popular for its refreshing taste.  Our chu-hai is lower in alcohol and made with real fruit juice, including peach, kyoho grape, lychee and grapefruit, as well an umeshu plum wine flavour. All of this means that it’s easier to drink and a really great choice for people who like mixed drinks, but don’t enjoy a strong alcohol taste.


Equally famous for its amazing packaging as its taste, ramune is traditionally bottled in hiram-codd glass bottles. Although originally introduced to Japan by a Scottish man, original ramune has a very distinct citrus bubblegum flavour, that’s quite different from standard British lemonade. Of course, as popular as ramune is, there are now many different flavours like strawberry and melon. You can also find ramune in cans now too! Although not quite as striking as the glass bottles, they’re much easier to take on picnics or to school without worrying about breakages, and they’re easier to keep cool too.

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