Make Mother’s Day Special with Gifts from Japan

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is around the corner and if you’re past the age of scribbly cards (what are we saying, scribbly cards are also brill) you may be looking for a way to make someone’s day a bit more special than lovingly made burnt toast. Never fear! We’ve picked out all the coolest stuff from Japan that’s sure to be loved by mums, nanas, aunties and all around awesome special people on Mother’s Day.

Sophisticated Sake

Furoshiki Wrapped Sophisticated Sake SetTake a bold step forward from last year’s offie cava and transport mum to a swanky Tokyo bar via her tastebuds! (Bill Murray not included, sorry).

  • Mum the type that enjoys a good night in with a film or the latest hardback? Treat them to a Peach & Plum, You’re No. 1 fruit liqueur and chocolate set. Plus, both liqueurs contain beautifying ingredients, letting you both rest easy when the choccies disappear at lightning speed.
  • For mums that appreciate the finer things in life, try Naha Shoten “Lady Chic” junmai genshu sake. Because obviously they’re a) a ‘chic lady’ and b) the sake is just as well made as the awesome bottle.

Hair, There & Everywhere


Our chocolate comes in all kinds, just like mums! Japanese chocolate runs the gamut from fun and to luxuriously indulgent, and let’s face it, someone this special deserves more chocolate in their life.

Make Mum a Matcha

Steep Me in Your Arms Tea Set

Why not replace the watery cuppa with mum’s breakfast in bed with a nice matcha latte? If your special person enjoys a brew, treat them to a completely luxurious cup with some Japanese tea.

Foodie Kits & Serveware BitsLucky Cat Sake Set

Whether your mum is a whizz in the kitchen or you’d just like to treat them with a home cooked meal, you can’t go wrong with a scrummy Japanese food kit or some nice plates and bowls to serve it on.

  • Foodie type? Spent 3 hours driving last sunday to get a type of pastry that ‘you just have to try!’ only to scoff it all in the layby? Show off your sushi skills (or let them sharpen their own) with a premium wrapped sushi gift. Bonus point: even the wrapping is re-usable, so good for eco-mums too.

If this little lot’s still got you scratching your head, remember this is but a tiny sampling of the cool things available in our Mother’s Day gift selection. For example, why not introduce them to Japan’s answer to Delia, Harumi Kurihara? Either way, we’re sure whatever you do for Mother’s Day will be the best thing ever (… until next year!)

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